Politics Corner – Democratic Party Looks for Wins in 2018


By Duane Paul Murphy 

The Democratic Party is starting to some signs of hope for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections and beyond after winning two state legislative seats, one in Oklahoma and one in New Hampshire, that were once previously held by conservative Republicans and are areas where President Trump won by more than double digits in 2016. So far this year, Democrats have one six GOP-held seats and Republicans have yet to flip any Democratic seats in special elections. Also, Democratic nominees outperformed Hillary Clinton’s total popular vote as well as voter margin in 26 out of 35 special elections this year.

In Oklahoma, local schoolteacher and Democratic nominee Jacob Rosecrants defeated local businessman and Republican nominee by almost 21 percentage points in special election to represent the 46th District in the state’s lower House of Representatives. 

In New Hampshire, retired teacher and Democratic nominee Charlie St. Clair defeated Republican Steven Whalley to represent Belknap County District 9 in state’s lower House of Representatives.

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