SGA Senate Election Results and Reaction



CUA SGA Senate Results – Courtesy of CUA SGA

By Katie Ward ’21

Class of 2018

  1. Matthew Skros
  2. Alexa Schimp

Class of 2019

  1. Jimmy Harrington
  2. John Connolly

Class of 2020

  1. Weston Kirby
  2. Elise LaFleur

Class of 2021

  1. Sean O’Grady
  2. Alexandra Kilgore

School of Architecture

  1. Sara Cangarlu
  2. Kelly Reed

School of Arts and Sciences

  1. Cavan Hagerty
  2. Alexander Santana

School of Business

  1. Nicholas Spinelli
  2. Kevin Walsh

School of Engineering

  1. Olivia Giangiordano
  2. Mina Grace Larraquel

School of Music

  1. Aaron Mackisey
  2. Elizabeth Andrew

School of Nursing

  1. Leigh Calotta
  2. TBA

School of Philosophy

  1. TBA
  2. TBA

School of Theology

  1. Antoine Rask
  2. Alec McGuire

School of Social Work

  1. Matthew Finley
  2. Patricia Halloran


Elections for the 2017-2018 Catholic University of America Student Government Association Senate took place on Wednesday, September 20. Two positions for each class and each of the nine academic schools were up for grabs. Thirteen of the twenty three elected senators will be serving their first term on the Senate with ten re-elected senators.

There are still three vacant seats in the Senate, one from the School of Nursing and two in the School of Philosophy. The Student Government officers are counting up write-in votes from the students of those schools to fill those seats. Students who won the seats through write-in victories will be asked to serve; if they turn down the position, the Student Body President will appoint a student to serve. Jon Paul Weiss, SGA Vice-President, adds, “We would like to have a full Senate by our first meeting on October 2nd.”


“This year’s student senate elections drew a record number of students to vote and we are very excited about each of the newly elected Senators. Serving a specific group of students allows the SGA Senators a unique opportunity to advocate for their peers. I extend my congratulations to all of the winners and look forward to seeing all that they accomplish this year.”

Brianna Howard, class of 2018, SGA President


“This year’s SGA Senate Elections had record turnouts in every class as well as every school. The current members of SGA welcome both re-elected as well as newly elected Senators this academic year. We are excited to work closely with the Senator-elects in advocating for the student body. SGA has many goals this year, especially in increasing the communication between SGA, administrators of the university and the student body as a whole.”

Jonathan Weiss, class of 2018, SGA Vice-President


“I think the election went very smoothly, and delivered some terrific results. I was also happy to see how many more and newer students ended up running for positions; SGA depends on students being involved!”

Matthew Skros, class of 2018


“I was just elected to serve my third term in the Senate representing the Class of 2019. I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to represent my class in our student government and to our administration again this year. Our goal in SGA  is always to work as advocates for the student body to the administration and it seems like we have a great group working towards that goal this year I look forward to working with President Howard, Vice President Weiss, and the Senate Body on the student body’s behalf.”

Jimmy Harrington, class of 2019


“It was an honor to have been elected on Wednesday and I look forward to representing the School of Arts and Sciences for the 2017-2018 school year. I cannot express how grateful I am to all those that voted for me. I can’t wait to start working with all my fellow Senators in supporting initiatives that will benefit all students and truly make positive differences at Catholic University. I hope to have respectful dialogue between students and administrators so they hear what students have to say about academics, student affairs, and other important issues. I look forward to making the Senate accountable and accessible to the entire student body and a place where all ideas and concerns are always heard and valued.

             Alexander Santana, class of 2020  


“This year on SGA I’m looking forward to advocating for the freshman class and getting the class of 2021 involved in decisions that are made here on campus. For me, voting is absolutely critical no matter who your vote goes to so I tried to make it as convenient as possible for students to choose who’d represent them in SGA. All in all, I’m so excited and honored to have been elected and I can guarantee that I will put all of my energy and talents towards being the best senator I can be for the class of 2021!”

Alexandra Kilgore, class of 2021

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