by Duane Paul Murphy

While the Republican majority congress continues to push through its legislative agenda, one suburban congressional district in a Southern state is giving Democrats momentum for upcoming elections. Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which is now vacant since Tom Price becoming Secretary Health and Human Services under the Trump administration, is going to have a special election on April 18th, 2017. The state utilizes a run-off election system in which if no candidate achieves 50% or more of the direct popular vote during the primary, then a runoff between the first and second place finishers will occur on June 20th. The district, located in the suburbs of urban Atlanta, has been traditionally a Republican stronghold. But due to changing demographics in the state and anti-Trump sentiments, it appears to be that Democratic candidate may pull it off. Former congressional aide Jon Ossof is rising in the polls along with former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel. Ossof has also raised more than $8 million for his campaign, mainly coming from out of state liberal supporters. Some political pundits are indicating that this race could test the Democratic Party in states with changing demographics as well as the rest of the country in 2018 and beyond.

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