Interview with rapper Ace Cosgrove


By Jimmy Cassidy

We had the opportunity to meet with and interview rapper Ace Cosgrove at the 2015 Landmark Music Festival on Sunday, September 27th. Cosgrove is a Maryland native based rapper out of Montgomery County. This 24 year-old up and coming artist was thrilled to be on the ticket for his first music festival performance right around his home town. Here is what he had to say:

 Ace Cosgrove at the Landmark Music Festival (Courtesy of C3 and Isaac Solomon)
Ace Cosgrove at the Landmark Music Festival (Courtesy of C3 and Isaac Solomon)

The Tower: Ace, we’ve done our research before this interview and have heard you compared to other bigger names in rap. We’ve also read that you don’t want to mimic your style to any other artists. Talk a little bit about you not being the quintessential rapper.

Ace Cosgrove: Definitely, I just try to make music with a positive message, and I don’t want to sound like anyone else. I’ve actually stopped listening to a lot of other rap for that purpose. It’s not really annoying to be compared, it’s a good thing. When you see something new drop you have to listen and see how you can compare, it’s inevitable. But I’m trying to do my own thing.


You have been praised for your unique lyricism and flow in your projects, as well as soulful humility. Are you inspired by other genres and artists?

Not really! I’m just trying to make music that you can play with a live band. I wanna go state by state to perform with this live band and have fun with it. That’s my vision.


Talk about your new project that has dropped this September – Baby Need Food. Does it reflect your development as an artist?

Sure thing. I would say so, I took my time with it. The lyrics are better, more cohesive, the production is better, overall it is just better than the other stuff I’ve made. Check it out!


You said during your set today that this is the first festival you’ve performed at. How does today’s show compare to anything you’ve done before?

For me, this set is another place and another dollar. I always try to interact with fans, even if there’s 10 people in crowd, I want to make them happy as possible. Even if my lyrics suck, I want people to have a good time and say they liked it.


That’s awesome. You were very engaging today; you probably rapped in the crowd more than you did on stage! And people loved it.

Our following is primarily college kids in the 18-22 age range, with kids from all over the nation. While we took classes this week, you prepared for your show. Any thoughts to give to these kids trying to figure their lives out, just as you are?

Stay and school, don’t do drugs! But in seriousness, just do what you love. Even at first, my family didn’t really respect what I was doing as a rapper. But I kept at it. Keep going with your dreams and ambitions. I know that’s super cliche but that’s my best advice. I’ve been through a lot and I don’t want to look back. Good stuff, like this opportunity at Landmark, happened because I’ve believed in myself. I worked very hard at it.


Plenty of our following at Catholic come from Montgomery County. You come out of the Gaithersburg area. What has that been like in relation to rap?

It’s not easy! My first show was at a tiny restaurant; there were like 10 people on stage with me and like 5 in the crowd. Starting out has been very difficult. I couldn’t get a show to save my life for a while, so putting my stuff out online has helped me a lot, like Soundcloud. But all the guys I rap with, some guys I’ve worked with, we all live in Gaithersburg. We’re building a community, slowly.


Well it’s good to see you represent the area in D.C. Let’s finish it off by asking you what’s your favorite breakfast food?

McGriddles. Disgusting, unhealthy, but I love it. With coffee, iced coffee, vanilla hazelnut. I’m good to go.



We were very happy to have Ace talk to us for a bit, and wish him the best in the future. His humble personality showed, and he put on an entertaining live show. We will confirm what others have noted — Ace Cosgrove is a talented rapper with a bright future. Check out his stuff here and become a fan of this local artist!

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