Stories of Finding That Forever Friend

Health & Lifestyle Editor Emily Prendergast with friends at House of Cards 2018. Courtesy of Program Board

By Emily Prendergast

College is more than just getting good grades, doing your own laundry, and finding a job. You will learn hard life lessons and grow into an adult. In college, you will meet many different people; some you never talk to again, and some will end up being your forever friends. This forever friend could be someone that you meet during Orientation, or you could meet them your junior year. Whatever the case may be, your best friend is out there! Here are some stories from CUA’s students about how they found their forever friend.

  1. “I was going to my second OA group meeting during Orientation when Carolyn happened to sit down next to me. We made small talk, but I just assumed we would part ways afterwards. When the meeting was over and we all started to walk back towards our dorms, Carolyn and I walked out at the same time, so she asked me where I lived and I said Regan.

She said, “Oh me too! What floor?”

“The top floor, what about you?”

“Me too, I’m in room 200.”

“No way! I’m in room 202!” We went to the hypnotist show together later that night and started hanging out by going back in forth into each other’s rooms since the night of that meeting.” -Chelsea, Class of 2021

2. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was so excited to celebrate it on campus for the first time. I went to a pregame in Regan Hall to meet up with a girl that I met in class and we went to a party together. When we got back to campus, she ended up peeing on one of the trees outside of the Pryz and then we tried to break into the exorcist room in Caldwell. From that moment on, I knew that I had to be her friend. We ended up living together during our sophomore year and we are still best friends to this day.” -Anonymous, Class of 2020

3. “I met one of my best friends three times throughout freshman year, but she didn’t remember any of those three times. We ended up having mutual friends and we wound up in the same housing group for Opus sophomore year. She came up to me at Founders Day Ball and said, “OMG it’s so nice to meet you!”

I responded, “…we’ve met three times.”

An awkward silence followed, and then we both laughed it off and had a blast at the dance and we had even more fun when we lived together sophomore year.” -Katie, Class of 2020

4. “My friendships with Katie and Emily began on Homecoming night of our freshman year. Our prior encounters included quick interactions during Orientation events, the wonder of Quinn Hall, and little chit chats through mutual friends. On the night of the Homecoming dance, I noticed Katie getting ready as I was walking down the hallway to my room. I asked her if she was attending the dance and she nervously asked me if I could accompany her on the walk to the dance with her “date”. I said yes, and she later thanked me for covering up her awkwardness. Later that night, I noticed a very outgoing Emily on the dance floor and as we danced the night away we connected and have since been close, even though I was an epic failure in copying her dance moves. The three of us laughed until the last song played. I could not have asked for any better friends to be awkward with. Love them to pieces.” –Jamie, Class of 2020

5. “I met some of my best friends by getting involved in student life at CUA, specifically Campus Ministry and the swim team.  All of my best friends have similar interests to me and we grew closer together as we got involved in similar things and we continue to grow together today. I’ve met lots of amazing people at CUA but my best friends are those who I know have my back because we’ve been involved in the same things together for so long.  We’ve become a family rooted in Christ at CUA.” –David, Class of 2019

6. ‘’I met Andrew in the Flather lobby. I recognized him from my floor and we started chilling in the lobby and watching TV and playing pool.’’ – Joe, Class of 2019



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