The Only Proper Way: Proper 21 K Street


Image Courtesy of Proper 21 K Street

The Only Proper Way: Proper 21 K Street

By Kat Kaderabek 

D.C. brunch has become an iconic routine of city-dwellers, especially Catholic University students. With so much variety throughout the entire city, it is hard to find the perfect brunch place that is equally entertaining, delicious, and cost-effective. Until now. Introducing Proper 21 on K Street, the newest location in the franchise, which features one of the best brunches in the entire city. 

While the epic Proper 21 brunch may seem costly, the actuality of it is extremely effective on one’s wallet. In short, Proper 21 Brunch is roughly a $65 deal (including tax and tip) that features unlimited drinks and nine– yes, nine–  courses of food. These courses are well proportioned and will certainly leave guests feeling stuffed and ready to take home boxes (my party of six took home eight boxes). What the math would reveal is that drinks cost roughly $3-4 (given that five drinks are consumed) and the food is $5-6 per platter. 

Just thinking about the courses still makes my mouth water. Starting off with several baskets of pastries, breads, and croissants, as well as home fries drizzled with chipotle aioli, Proper 21 is impressive from the start. These courses were also bottomless (while the other food was not) and the party I was with ended up ordering several more trays of home fries throughout the experience. After the first two courses, we were served a charcuterie board, an acai smoothie, chicken and waffles rice, funfetti pancakes, bacon mac and cheese, and quiches. To say we practically rolled out the door is an understatement. The best part about the experience is that Proper 21 features a rotating menu. Every week is new, and Chef Tony Gallotto is sure to keep guests on their toes. 

The drinks were also fabulous in terms of portions and variety. Not only do they serve the classic mimosa, but they also offer bottomless bourbon peach teas, bloody marys, and grapefruit rattlers. The ability to mix things up is a great feature when faced with as many revolving platters as we were. 

The staff was also incredibly friendly and welcoming. They acted quickly, accommodated to our needs, and did not try to short-change us.The overall atmosphere of the place was vibrant, friendly, and clean. Walls were blue velvet and adorned with large, silver plated mirrors perfect for a big group picture or a solo shot. Adorned with a neon pink “Proper” sign, the restaurant (as pictured above) is very aesthetically pleasing.The natural daylight at brunch was also very welcome and contributed to the overall feeling of wellbeing in the restaurant. 

My first experience at Proper 21 on K Street was phenomenal, and one I will cherish as one of the best brunch experiences in Washington, D.C. It is a new, exciting place that is certainly worth the extra splurge of money, as you’ll be eating your leftovers for days. Not only that, but they offer an experience perfect for the celebration of big events like graduation, birthdays, etc. In cohesion with the name, spending a 21st birthday at Proper 21 will be a fantastic experience. While it’s not the run-of-the-mill brunch place in terms of price and atmosphere, it is most definitely worth keeping in mind for those special occasions with your loved ones. I know I will be celebrating the next big event there, and so should you.

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