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In this “One Metro Stop at a Time” column, receive a brief overview of different Metro stops in each article, including information about nearby landmarks, entrances, brief historical information, and what Metro services are provided. Today’s Metro stop is one of Brookland-CUA’s Red Line neighbors: Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood. 

By Dean Robbins

Stop Name: Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood

Opening Date: March 2, 16, as “Rhode Island Avenue” before the name was changed to “Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood” in 200 to reflect the proximity of the Catholic University campus.

Lines Served: This station is served by the Metrorail’s Red Line. 

Colleges/Schools Nearby (if any): None. 

Nearby Landmarks you should check out: The Alamo Drafthouse Bryant Street might be the best movie theater in the DMV. They offer food and drink delivery to your seat and every movie has a personalized pre-show. Screenings range from brand-new blockbusters to classic movies. They also get early screenings of many movies. There is also a fun bar across from the theater called Metrobar which has seating in an old metro train. The Van Gogh immersive experience is also in the same area. 

Best places to eat near this stop: The new Bryant Street Market near the Alamo Drafthouse is a food hall featuring nine stations: Alegria Bar, Blowfish Poke, Bold Dumpling, Taqueria Habanero, Tiger Sugar (bubble tea), Grassfed Griddle, Doki Doki BBQ, Jaliyaa Coffee. On the other side of the Metro station, there is a retail development featuring a Smoothie King, Jersey Mike’s, Chipotle, Dunkin’, a Thai restaurant, and a Southern food eatery. Beyond that, you will find Rhode Island Place home to the area’s Giant grocery store, and a Popeyes. 

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