Student-Athlete Maggie Moorcones Awarded First-team All Conference


Image courtesy of Maggie Moorcones

By Katie Van Lew

Maggie Moorcones, a junior biomedical major at the Catholic University of America, plays mid-center for the women’s varsity soccer team. From Sterling, VA, Moorcones has been playing soccer since she was three years old. As a child, she began playing soccer on the house league team, the Loudoun Youth Soccer Association. When Moorcones began her high school career, she played for the varsity women’s soccer team at Potomac Falls High School, as well as playing for her club team, FC Virginia. At Potomac Falls High School, she played all four years as a mid-center, eventually becoming captain of the team her senior year. By her senior year, Moorcones committed to play soccer at Catholic because not only could she play soccer, but she could also pursue her dream of becoming a biomedical engineer.

This season, the women’s soccer team had a record of 8-7-4, finishing with a 526 record. 

“Our record doesn’t depict how our team was,” says Moorcones. “Our team is very talented and skilled. I think we played really well in our conference, but if we just improve on the losses we had this year, I think we will finish at the top of our conference. Although we are losing eight seniors, the team is remaining consistent as they are getting eight new and talented freshman.” 

During her sophomore year playing soccer at Catholic, Moorcones was selected for the Second Team All-Conference. After her sophomore season, she set the personal goal of being selected for First Team All-Conference. Through hours of vigorous training with physical trainers as well as playing soccer for a summer league team, Moorcones achieved her dream of playing First Team All-Conference in the fall of 2019. 

“My hard work in the summer with trainers and the summer league team helped me to do well, and it gave me a lot of personal confidence for the season,” says Moorcones. “My personal confidence definitely translated to my soccer performance. Mentally and physically I felt better because of the training I accomplished in the summer, which helped me perform my best this season.”

This season, Moorcones was not only elected for the First Team All-Conference but the Third Team All-Region. Through her dedication and resilience, Moorcones finished her season strong, scoring ten points, the most overall points for Catholic University during the 2019 season as a center-mid. In total, she scored five goals, and two game-winning goals.

Moorcones accredits her family, coaches, and trainers as her inspiration to be the best person she can be on and off the field. 

“My family definitely inspires me to play because they want to see me do well, and they have given me so much over the years,” says Moorcones. Additionally, Moorcones strives to perform her best for her old and new coaches, as well as physical trainers who have helped her to achieve the level of success she has executed throughout her last three years on the team. 

Throughout her three successful seasons as a member of the women’s varsity team, Moorcones reflects on her most memorable moment as a member of the CUA soccer team. 

“My most memorable moment playing soccer at Catholic was when our team beat Susquehanna. In the past 3 years I’ve been here we have never beaten Susquehanna. It was a very hard, well thought out game and we ended up winning 1-0. 

It was a very good team performance, it’s a great thing to be apart of. It is rewarding to know that our hard work pays off.”

After graduating from Catholic University in the spring of 2021, Moorcones hopes to be working in the field of biomedical engineering. She wants to work for a prosthetics company or a company where she can create and improve upon medical devices. She anticipates working for a company alongside doctors and physical therapists that will allow her to help others through technology. 

“Soccer has been apart of my life since I can remember, so it has always been apart of me and changed my life for the better in every single way. It’s a great physical, mental, and emotional outlet that allows me to strive for particular goals I’d like to accomplish personally.”

On and off the field, Moorcones demonstrates dedication, discipline, and persistence. Her drive for success and passion to do what she loves is evident through both her academic and athletic performances. Moorcones anticipates another successful season with the women’s varsity soccer team in the fall of 2020.

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