National Cherry Blossom Festival is Up and Running

The Cherry Blossoms have reached their peak. Courtesy of Sunrise Travel EU
By Daniela Sol

It has been yet another year of anticipation with regards to the cherry blossoms in D.C. As spring slowly makes its way, not quite settling in, the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms has been delayed for the past weeks. This past weekend the nation’s capital started  the festivities celebrating the annual pinkish dust that fills the city.

Although the peak bloom is scheduled to be this coming weekend, between April 8-12, various activities were held this past weekend — which was also Easter weekend — to commemorate the few already bloomed cherry blossoms.

The city is already filled with people from all over the country who migrate to see the flowery treat. Even if the trees are not in complete bloom, some of the flowers have already opened and are making their way to full bloom.

Celebrations started in mid-March. This past Saturday, March 24th, the National Mall hosted a kite festival in which kids (and adults too) got the chance to see a display of colorful kites above the slowly but surely blooming cherry blossoms.

With a station to make their own kites, kids enjoyed their Easter weekend in a special way; making their kites to fly at the National Mall. Yet kids were not the only spoiled ones in the event, people’s furry best friends were also treated with the utmost chivalry.

According to Washington’s Top News, there was a special station called “Pet Comfort Services” which included waste bag distribution, treats, and bowls of water for dogs to enjoy their day out as well.

It was not just an event to relax and enjoy the day, it was predominantly an event programmed for kite enthusiasts all over to display their skills as kite flyers, and to showcase their artful creations.

Competitions like Rokkaku Battles, which is a special Japanese kite design, and the Hot Tricks Showdown, were various contestants showed their skills when maneuvering a flying kite, were scheduled. Celebrations like these have been held since March 17 and will continue until April 15.

This coming Saturday, April 7th from 1 to 9:30 PM, the Wharf will be hosting  “Petalpalooza,” a pink celebration filled with art, music, food, drinks, and more to continue the biggest celebration welcoming spring and the cherry blossoms.

The event includes a variety of art installations, two stages with live music, a 2,400-square-foot roller skating rink for public skating, plus professional performances in the ring are also part of the agenda. Cirque du Soleil LUZIA will appear as well, plus a giant installation of flower-by-number art presented by Diet Coke.

The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade will be Saturday, April 14th, filled with all the traditional  marching bands and choirs from schools all over the nation. This year, Grand Marshal Carla Hall from “The Chew” will be featured, and the iconic hip-hop group Arrested Development.

Along with giant, colorful helium balloon floats and guest appearances like Peppa Pig, this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival is moving along smoothly. Let’s hope the spring weather starts moving smoothly as well!



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