What You Gave Up for Lent Says About You

1. Sweets: You let your sweet tooth take a break for these 40 days. Low blood sugar is the bane of your existence and you’re known for being just as sweet as the candy you   constantly nosh on. Half-off jelly beans and chocolate bunnies are on the horizon — stay strong!
2. Social Media: Your 250 Instagram followers miss seeing your #basiligrams and those reliable double-taps you give the accounts you follow. The social media-sphere is         awaiting your triumphant return, fully expecting an #Eastergram or two of your Vineyard Vines Easter getup.
3. Coffee: Bravo, you’ve relinquished your ability to function before 3 p.m. in the name of Lent. You don’t mess around with frappuccinos or hot chocolates — scalding hot black   coffee is your religion. Start preparing your caffeine IV, Easter is right around the corner.
4. Netflix: Arguably the most admirable Lenten sacrifice, you have given up your film and television lifeline and now have to do what? Write that 10 page paper due Monday? Missing out on the Dave Chappelle specials, the seminal classic Kung Fu Panda, and the third season of How to Get Away With Murder is a big deal for you and the minute Lent is over you’re set to strap on your binge-watching hat and Netflix the day away.
5. Nothing: You are ever the realist, knowing that the second those Ash Wednesday ashes leave your forehead whatever you decided to give up flies out the door. Remembering to not eat meat on Fridays is enough responsibility for you. So congratulations on your   perennial pragmatism, don’t let overzealous theology majors tell you otherwise

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