How Should You De-Stress During Finals?


1. What does your finals week look like?
a. Just exams
b. Just papers
c. Exams and papers 🙂

2. Where on campus do you live?
a. Opus
b. CV or Caldwell/Gibbons/Seton
c. North Neighborhood 1 or 2

3. What is your finals week Starbucks order?
a. Refresher (™)
b. Espresso drink
c. Sweetened iced coffee

4. What is your favorite punctuation mark?
a. Do people actually have a favorite
punctuation mark… ?
b. Semicolons (used *correctly*)
c. Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. What is your prefered social media platform
to complain about how stressed you are for finals?
a. Instagram
b. Twitter
c. Snapchat

Mostly A’s — Pryz fries
Treat yo’ self. After all, you’ll need sustenance to get you through all of those exams you have lined up. Take a study break once in awhile and grab a nice hot plate of Pryz fries complete with your favorite condiment (Barbecue sauce and fries. Name a more iconic duo.). If you’re really feeling the pressure maybe even pair your fries with a bowl of fro-yo. #pryzhack?

Mostly B’s — Netflix
Take a (metaphorical) chill pill and pop on your Netflix go-to. The binge-worthy possibilities are endless, whether you’re looking for some inspo (The West Wing. Duh.), comic relief (Tina Fey’s witty writing and the eccentric cast of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt should do the trick), or a healthy dose of escapism (Netflix’s scifi-horror series Stranger Things … even though you’ve probably already watched it twice.)

Mostly C’s — Mary’s Garden
Oh man, with exams and papers out the wazoo you’ve set up camp in the library and are hesitant to leave. But take some advice from Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Take A Break” (Disc two, track three. Check it.). Head over to the Basilica and enjoy the hidden oasis of Mary’s Garden. The perfect place to pray, meditate, or daydream; your nerves will be calmed undoubtedly … even if just for a few minutes.

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