Morpheus XV – April 4th, 2016


Welcome back, CU! Morpheus hopes your Easter holiday was joyous! Morph is a jolly Catholic, and loves his fair share of a happy Easter. Ahh, nothing like celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior by eating chocolate bunnies and hiding plastic pastel colored eggs around our houses for the kiddies to find. All giggles aside, Easter is a beautiful celebration which Morpheus believes everybody takes too lightly.

Along with the joyous atmosphere surrounding the Easter holiday, a warm and big congratulations to Ms. Resident Minister on her engagement! The entire campus, including the campus ghost, has heard the good news and wishes you and your future hubby a happy engagement. Nothing like graduating with an MRS. degree, too!

Oh! Morpheus almost forgot to say “you’re welcome” to Brent and Sean’s campaign for the inspiration for one of their events! “Fingers in the Pie” is copyrighted, technically, but Morph won’t hold you to it. Word of advice though, boys, people generally do not like putting up with any “B.S.,” especially that of SGA.

Speaking of SGA, Morpheus wants to wish a certain SGA President a happy twenty-first birthday! Heaven knows that’s not your first drink though. Wasn’t she in College Republicans last year? Naughty, naughty…

Anyway, Morpheus is so glad it is springtime now. Springtime is so pleasant and unsurprising here at CU. The birds chirp, the trees bloom, the tuition rises, love is in the air! Nothing new here at CU! Just a regular spring semester.

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