During the Second World War, England promoted the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” to remind the British of their strength and courage despite the attacks in English cities. The original intent of the slogan is now lost by many, and carelessly painted on coffee mugs and posters that hang in dorm rooms by students.

Well, the British were right. The slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” is applied to countless incidents and tragedies all the time, including the recent “Shelter in Place” events that happened on campus this week.

Of course what happened on CUA’s campus this week is incomparable to the Blitz of World War II, but a wave a fear plaguing a specific group of people is a collective emotion.

Many students considered not attending classes this week after the two “Shelter in Place” events. Many students, particularly freshman, packed their bags and headed home a week early for Winter Break.

The Tower considered not publishing hard copies of the newspaper this week out of fear of being in our office past dark.

After long debates and discussion amongst the editorial staff, The Tower decided to “Keep Calm and Carry On,” delivering the news this week despite fear.

The Tower has recently been in contact with other college and university newspapers in the DC area, many of whom are partially funded by their administrations.

The Tower is proud of its independence. Since 1922, we have been the only independent news source on CUA’s campus, publishing weekly.

In light of recent terrorism pertaining to radical Islam, there have been people who died for the right of free speech. After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris this past January, any press organization that cowers in fear is living without a conscience; a conscience aware of the men and women who died for the right to free speech.

It’s okay to be fearful. Fear is an innate emotion that binds many together during hard times. The fear, though, should be tempered with strength and courage.

Tragedies happen everywhere in the world, and America is no exception.

Americans are proud to be American, and should not forget what that means.We are a country founded upon liberty and rights.

Americans have many differences, from background nationalities, religions, economic status, etc. Allowing fear to strip us of our identity is wrong. Should we be cautious? Absolutely. Should we be aware of our surroundings? Absolutely. Should we be wary of upcoming presidental candidates and the future of our country? Absolutely.

American society right now is facing a culture war. So many people are afraid of saying the “wrong” thing. What is “wrong” to say? Loretta Lynch is claiming a lot right now on the issue of speech in America. Many are afraid of being too “liberal” or too “conservative.”

Many forget that liberalism and conservatism are two wings on the same bird.

There is a crisis right now in the world involving the Middle East. ISIS is a very real, and frightening reality; a very real and frightening reality that supposedly made its way onto our campus Monday night.

As a university, and as a country, we need to stick together and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.”

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