Morpheus Q XVI – November 20, 2015


Welcome to another chilly autumn week at CU. Morpheus is looking forward to gobble gobble day, anticipating heaping piles of mashed potatoes and flowing rivers of gravy. There is not much to say this week in light of recent events, however, Morpheus did catch wind that certain members of SGA are petitioning for a “smoke-free” campus here at CU. That’s rich. Where would all the moody English, Music and Art Majors go? Where would all the priets go? Morpheus just finds this all a riot.

Morpheus is also eager to know what exactly a “substantial” threat is. Morpheus may be old, but he is well aware of the recent tragic events plaguing the world. DPS, what is a “substantial” threat? Is there anything else you can say to the CU community on safety? Morpheus sees, once again, nothing
more than an issue of transparency. 

Morpheus does wish everyone a well, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving holiday. This is the first time for many freshman to be seeing their families since coming to college, and your ‘ole Uncle Morph remembers his first holiday back.

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