Morpheus Q XVI – October 2, 2015


IMG_3649 (1)Ahh, October has finally began! For all of you who are unaware, this is Morpheus’ favorite time of year. The yellow moons at night accompanied by falling leaving and howling winds sends pleasent tingles down his spine. He especially enjoys watching all the new freshman traipse around Caldwell Hall in search of some demon lurking the dark halls or the chapel. Morpheus is curious though — for all you young kiddies on campus searching for a ghost, are you prepared to find one? What would you do in the face of evil? Be careful, and be aware, because at CU, Morpheus Q. is not the only one who sees you. Well, without futher adieu, here are Morpheus’ notes for the week:

Morpheus has heard SGA is working very hard lately! Nugget Night might be coming back? Wow! Next week maybe SGA will cure world hunger! Speaking of feeding the hungry, Morpheus also heard that College Republicans were giving away free food at their All American BBQ? That’s certainly different. Don’t worry though, you Republicans, Morpheus has something to say to the Democrats on campus, too. Is it true the College Democrats are now requiring dues of it’s members? That is rather in line with the party. Let’s get back to SGA for a brief moment. So, Ms. St. Amant, Morpheus heard you’d like to get in touch? Whenever you’re ready, dear.

Morpheus feels sorry for the young man in Flather Hall who called the police because his post-it notes and cough drops were missing. Morpheus feels bad because he didn’t think you’d miss them so much. You see, Morpheus had a terrible cold that night, and also needed to put his name on some food in the community refrigerator in the lounge. He shall return your cough drops and notes soon.

Morpheus has heard from the bird that many people are interested in getting to know him personally. If you feel the need to contact Morpheus, he is available by email at [email protected]

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