Spring: An Excuse to Clean and Upgrade Your Closet

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By: Renee Rasmussen 

With the seasons changing from winter to spring, it has become the time of year for our closets to change as well. From jeans to capris, sweaters to t-shirts, it’s time to spruce up our closets and get ready for the new season. This task can seem daunting and expensive, but there’s no reason to tuck all your winter clothes away until next year. This year, elevate your wardrobe, affordably, using your old clothes. Here’s the catch: everyone will think they’re new!

Starting with hair, hair scarves and accessories are a great versatile tool that can be used to change any outfit. Not feeling up to doing your hair in the morning? No problem! Just wear it in a ponytail and tie a hair ribbon around the band. Wanting a more bohemian style? Wear your hair down and tie a scarf, like a bandana or a headband. The best part is not only do they change the look of a whole outfit, you also only need to buy one ribbon and you can wear it multiple different ways with multiple different outfits. It’s the definition of affordable. 

As for shirts, a cute and easy way to switch up your outfits is by tucking in your shirt and adding a fashionable belt. This can be made affordable by finding a cheap black belt, maybe through thrifting, and decorating it yourself either by painting, or adding accessories such as rhinestones to it. If art isn’t your thing don’t worry! Thrift stores always have hidden gems, and finding a colored or designed belt would be easy and add a certain ‘spiff’ to your outfit. Another great way to add a fashionable belt is by using a hair scarf and tucking it through the belt loops to add some color to your look.

If you aren’t a fan of the tucked shirt look, try tying your shirt in the front to showcase your new belt. This style looks best with high-waisted or boyfriend cut jeans. Your winter flannels can also come in handy to add some color to any look. Simply wrap your flannel around your waist, and pair it with a white t-shirt and you instantly have a new look (and a jacket if it gets cold). 

Wearing the same pair of jeans can get old and boring, but there’s a way to transform your old jeans as well. First, a tip we all probably use, cuff the bottom of your jeans to change the look. Pair these cuffed jeans, with a tucked in blouse and some flats and you have an easy (and comfortable) elegant everyday look. 

If cuffed jeans aren’t your style and you are in need of some capris, take the scissors and trim the length. We all have that old pair of jeans in the back of the closet, make them useful for your spring wardrobe. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of jeans. Thrift stores are great ways to try out new styles for an affordable price. See what works for you and go with it. 

When it comes to your wardrobe as a whole, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Have an old summer dress, you feel like you’ve worn over and over? Add a t-shirt underneath and create a whole new look. This look also looks great with tennis shoes, like vans and converse. A fashionable yet practical look for all your spring adventures. 

New seasons mean new wardrobes, but this shouldn’t mean you should feel boxed in by your budget or current clothes. One or two items can change a whole look and make your wardrobe feel brand new, and remember don’t forget to go out of your comfort zone and experiment with what you have. 

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