Discover D.C. Cupcake Battles and So Much More!

Students stop by Discover D.C.’s table at the Pryz last Friday. Courtesy of Christopher Vitale

By Christopher Vitale

Catholic University’s Discover D.C. club hosted its first on-campus event of the school year this past Friday in the Pryzbyla Center lobby. The event, advertised as “The Ultimate D.C. Cupcake Battle,” featured a selection of treats from Sprinkles Cupcakes and Georgetown Cupcake, two dessert bakeries located in Georgetown. Students were able to taste free cupcakes and were then encouraged to vote for their preferred bakery, The winner will return in another cupcake battle later this year.

Kathleen King, co-president and co-founder of Discover D.C. along with fellow junior Maggie Jensen, helped bring the event to life and explained its purpose within the club.

“We’re asking students to come, try some of each, and decide which one they like best,” said King. It’s just an opportunity to bring D.C. from the city into campus for students who may not be able to go out today or really get out into the city.”

Students sampled flavors including classic vanilla as well as a fall favorites selection including cinnamon and pumpkin cupcakes. Afterwards, students were able to drop a ballot into either the Sprinkles or Georgetown’s voting jar.

“I think this is really great because sometimes people don’t get to go out, and it’s a great way to expose people to D.C.,” said Victoria Lising, a sophomore student.

Lising noted that Sprinkles caught her vote along with many visitors of the event.

“Our mission is mainly to help students by having a community of different students who want to discover more about D.C.”  said King, discussing the club’s goals on campus. “So maybe your friends are all going home for the weekend, or you’re a freshman and you don’t really know anyone yet, you can come with us and explore D.C. if you don’t feel comfortable going out alone.”

She maintained that Discover D.C. is a gateway to many of the exciting opportunities that lie just beyond the borders of campus and is also a perfect way to meet new people with similar interests. The organization is committed to helping students experience things they wouldn’t normally experience, particularly those students who are not yet familiar with the city and all it has to offer, from the grandiose tourist staples to off-the-beaten-path cultural gems.

King stated that the organization christened the new school year with its first excursion last weekend, introducing students to Union Market, an artsy indoor food hub located near the NoMa neighborhood. Discover D.C. plans to offer one or two more on-campus events and two more off-campus excursions this semester.

In early October, the organization will lead a trip to tour Ford’s Theatre, a functioning performance theater, museum, and the notorious site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 

“Those [excursions] cost money, but we’re able to fundraise so that students can do them and explore more about D.C. without breaking the bank,” explained King, highlighting affordability as another major benefit of getting involved with the organization.

Additionally, Discover D.C. is looking into another possible excursion to trek to the top of the newly-reopened and renovated Washington Monument later this Fall.

After Friday’s Cupcake event wrapped up and ballots had been counted, Discover D.C. issued an email declaring Georgetown Cupcake the winner of the competition, indicating that the bakery will return again, and students can look forward to participating in another Ultimate Cupcake Battle on campus soon.

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