“La Colombe” Iced Coffee Comes to the Pryz Market


Courtesy of La Colombe Coffee Roasters

By Anthony Curioso

This semester, Dining Services has provided a mini fridge full of iced coffee from La Colombe Coffee Roasters. These widely popular cans replaced the former Starbucks hot drink machine in the back corner of the Pryz Market. 

The mini fridge arrived shortly after a successful pilot program at the beginning of the semester, in which La Colombe set up a small iced coffee stand in the Pryz Food Court. 

The La Colombe coffee flavors now available in the Pryz Market include unsweetened cold brew and four sweetened flavors: Triple Latte, Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte, and Caramel Latte. Similar to my review of the 2023 Starbucks Christmas drinks, here are my ratings and other CUA students’ perspectives on the new iced coffees.

Andrea Suarez, a junior Theology and Philosophy Pre-Law double major, expressed her extreme disappointment with the Vanilla Latte by rating it three out of ten. 

“The Vanilla Latte has a weird taste. It doesn’t have anywhere near enough vanilla flavor, and it is definitely not worth paying five dollars for,” Suarez said.

However, the Caramel Latte has garnered rave reviews from CUA students.

“I love the Caramel Latte…It is an extreme steal to get it for five dollars in the [Pryz] Market, especially when I would be paying more than six dollars for significantly worse coffee at Starbucks,” sophomore Drama major Nora Junge said.

Besides the affordable pricing, CUA students also love the mild and accurate flavor.

“I love how the Caramel Latte is sweet, but not too sweet, and I can really taste the caramel,” Suarez said.

As for the Mocha Latte, the reviews also seem positive, though less enthusiastic than that of the Caramel Latte.

“The mocha latte is delicious. It gets around eight and a half, out of ten, for me,” freshman engineering major Laurel McMahon said.

Unfortunately, the Cold Brew from La Colombe is a letdown. I enjoy cold brews from Starbucks or Dunkin, so I opted for a can of the La Colombe cold brew in the cafe car on my train home for Christmas break. However, I found it far too bitter, making it a two out of ten for me. 

Suarez also voiced her disgust with the Cold Brew when she tried it on campus.

“I agree that the La Colombe cold brew is too bitter, but I have to rate it zero out of ten because I don’t like cold brew to begin with,” Suarez said.

Overall, the coffee from La Colombe has gained mixed reviews, with some flavors appearing more popular or more worth their prices than others. By far, the most recommended flavor among CUA students for all coffee lovers to try is the Caramel Latte.

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