The Tortured Poets Department – Taylor Swift’s New Album

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By MaggieMae Dethlefsen 

Are you ready for it?

The answer all Swifties gave to this question was “no.”

As the Grammys approached, fans across the globe were preparing for Taylor Swift to announce a re-recording of her 2017 album Reputation, but they got so much more.

When Taylor won Album of the Year, February 4, for Midnights at this past Grammy Awards, she told fans that she had a new album coming out April 19 of this year, titled The Tortured Poets Society. There is already significant speculation surrounding it despite the absence of singles thus far. 

Swift has been known to drop hints and easter eggs about what could lay in store for her upcoming projects.

This album will signify what fans like to call a “new era” for the singer. With this “new era” approaching, Swifties speculate that a new genre of music will be featured. Theories are going around the fanbase about whether this album will be rock, synthpop, or something else completely.

Not only is the music style of the album being speculated about but also if this album will have collaborations with other artists. In Midnights, she has collaborations with many artists such as Ice Spice, Lana Del Ray, and others from diverse genres, and these are leaving fans guessing the true direction Swift will be taking in this new album.

Many fans are also analyzing Swift’s social media for more hints she may be dropping along the way before the April 19th release date.  

Many are already claiming that it is the breakup album with her previous boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, an Engish actor. Taylor hinted that she’s had this album written for two years. It was around that time that hints of the couple no longer being an item had surfaced.

In addition, fans know that Taylor writes music based on personal life experiences, which have included breakups. Swifties have also looked at the tracklist. Titles such as “So Long, London” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” have led fans to believe that the new album is pointing towards her saying goodbye to Joe (London) and moving on with her broken heart.

The title of the album also seems to point towards a group chat that Joe has with Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott called “The Tortured Man Club.” The two are Irish actors who starred in a film titled, All of Us Strangers, with Jow Alwyn.

None of this will be confirmed or denied until the album is released this spring. Whether this is a rock or pop album, you can expect that Swifties will be anxiously awaiting the album’s arrival and will be staying up until midnight to listen right at release. 

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