Photo Courtesy of Clyde’s Restaurant Group

By Dean Robbins

The DMV is host to a staggering number of concerts in a variety of genres every year. Many students know venues like The Anthem, Capital One Arena, or Merriweather Post. However, there are many smaller venues, including a few in our own backyard, that deserve our attention. Here are five of them. 

The Runaway, located a short walk away from campus near the Brookland CVS, was very nearly not on this list. A few weeks ago, the owners announced the bar and concert venue would close after only two years of operation. Luckily, at the eleventh hour, a new lease was able to be negotiated. Thanks to that, we are still able to try their delicious brunch (with options for bottomless drinks), record sales, and concerts. They bring in a range of acts from local punk bands to acclaimed indie bands. The space is very small but still has enough space for a punk or metal mosh pit. Upcoming shows include the reunited 1980s DC-Baltimore punk outfit Submensas on 3/15 at 9pm. 

Rhizome DC is the place for the most adventurous when it comes to music, performance, and art. Rhizome is a house located near the Takoma Metro station that hosts art exhibitions, weekly artist meetups on topics from puppetry to electronic music, and several concerts a week. These concerts range from ambient electronica to experimental jazz to folk music. A show at Rhizome is always unexpected and fresh. 

Takoma Station Tavern is the closest venue to Catholic U that regularly hosts jazz shows. They host a “jazz jam” on Tuesdays as well as a show featuring local and national talent every Saturday. For those uninterested in jazz, the tavern is also home to weekly comedy nights, R&B, and a house band. 

The Institute of Musical Traditions is part of a vibrant folk scene in Takoma and hosts a weekly open mic on Tuesdays. Every open mic includes a featured local artist and anyone who signs up to perform a short two-song set. The IMT is connected to the wonderful House of Musical Traditions store. For those looking to try out live performance, it is one of the best outlets in the area. For those not interested in performing, the open mics offer a chance to see the variety of talent in the area around CUA. 

The Hamilton Live is located in The Hamilton bar & restaurant just a block away from the White House. The venue is comparable in size to Union Stage and features many genres of musical acts, including rock, jazz, R&B, and country.

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