“10 Things I Hate About You:” The Iconic 90’s Rom-Coms


Image Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

By Carissa Remington

10 Things I Hate About You has become an iconic 90’s rom-com for a reason. The charm, wit, and raw truth that actress Julia Stiles (who plays Kat) and actor Heath Ledger (who plays Patrick) bring to the scene is captivating. 

The film reminds you of the glory days – as if they weren’t only a few years ago – of high school when the workload was light and the biggest issue was finding something to do at night. 

The movie is also a wonderful presentation of adolescent love. It transports you into the big emotions that everyone must have during their first relationship: a first-time feeling. Further, it explores the judgment and peer pressure of ‘who’ and ‘when’ in adolescent relationships. The cliche of the popular girl with the popular guy is explored, and the script challenges that there is a certain pace for what they should be doing and when. 

10 Things I Hate About You is a funny and relatable portrayal of teen romance. Through the decades, the film has maintained its relevance, in large part to its emotional appeal. It carries the audience through the turbulence of dating, building trust and emotional barriers,  and how peer pressure creates additional issues. The movie encapsulates everything from overprotective parents to self-development in the face of romance.

While 10 Things I Hate About You is an iconic rom-com, I cannot give it the title of my personal favorite. The rom-com you will never catch me without would be 50 First Dates, because of the plot and much more humor. 50 First Dates portrays a perfect, yet comedic, love that shows the unconditional nature of a dream relationship.

If you are looking for a romance you can relate to, but nothing too sad, watch 10 Things I Hate About You. It will have you laughing, while simultaneously on the verge of tears, and leave you saying ‘Aw!’. Capturing all the aspects and nuances in a comedic way, it’s the ideal movie for the season of love that is upon us. Often referred to as a “modernized version of William Shakespeare,” with a plot can be described as nothing less than ‘absurd’, as commented by a Rotten Tomatoes Critic.

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