Licking Creek Bend Farmers Market Every Tuesday


Courtesy of Fresh Farm

By Nadine Samy

A farmers’ market was newly opened right underneath the bridge on Michigan Avenue, making it just a ten minute walk from campus. 

Though small, the market has two stands, one with sizable amounts of fresh produce, and another by the name of Ravenhook Bakehouse with various types of fresh bread and pastries. The prices generally range from a dollar to 20 dollars. 

The market was founded by Michael Tabor, a farmer for 52 years, and is run by both volunteers and people with experience in the farming industry. With less than 15 people working there, the market has loyal customers who stop by to ask for their favorite products from the sellers.

The produce stand has a sign on the side that says “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA), a system in which people interested can be subscribed to and receive weekly pesticide free vegetable boxes made up of crops harvested the day before. 

The market is targeting teaching assistants and graduate students, as well as undergraduate students who have an interest in healthy eating –especially given the proximity of the market to the campus. 

Tabor stated that the staff goes out of their way to “not be managed and be a part of the green market.” He explains that his niche is “the idea of food grown without chemicals and pesticides, making it available to middle and low income people.”

They mainly target middle and low-income communities who want locally and affordably grown food. However, he emphasizes that “it is a battle that has to do with cheap food versus choice and selection,” making note of the fact that affording healthy food is a problem for many people. 

“If you have any concerns about the future and what we leave in terms of carbon, this might be one of the more responsible things you can do,” Nahom Demoz said, who is one of the sellers at Ravenhook Bakehouse.

Demoz also explained that they get their food from within the city, not more than 20 miles away, to try to minimize carbon emissions. 

They also sell in several locations, including Boorkland. However, the small number of customers at the Brookland location leaves Tabor contemplating whether to do this for another year or not. 

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