Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween: Trick or Treat?


Image Courtesy of Freeform

By Ryn Cole

October sets the perfect scene for a spooky movie night, and Freeform’s famous “31 Nights of Halloween” gives people a great excuse to watch a Halloween classic each day of the month. Whether you want to be spooked or prefer a more calming and festive movie, this month-long movie marathon has the Halloween entertainment you need. 

In 1996, Freeform, named Fox Family Channel at the time, began its first seasonal programming event called the “25 Days of Christmas.” Starting on December 1st, the channel played Christmas specials and winter-related movies all day until after Christmas day. The 25 Days of Christmas became so popular that the channel created a sister program for the autumnal season. 

Originally called the “13 Days of Halloween” when it first came to cable television in 1998, this seasonal programming block quickly rose to popularity. Since then, its name changed to the “13 Nights of Halloween” and finally to the “31 Nights of Halloween” in 2018. This year marks the 25th anniversary from its first release date. Although the rise of cable television has declined in the past years because of the sheer amount of streaming services available, this programming remains a new favorite to many audiences and nostalgic for others. 

We are currently positioned at the peak of the Halloween season, so spooky movies covered in fall leaves, pumpkin patches, and witches’ brooms are covering screens. The “31 Nights of Halloween” features many different Halloween hits, like Disney Channel original movies such as the Halloweentown series, Twitches, Hocus Pocus, and The Addams Family

Freeform has got you covered whether you want to watch Twitches on an afternoon off or Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as background music for your Halloween party. 

Many people remember turning on the TV after school or during the weekends and flipping on Freeform throughout October. When there are consistently festive movies playing, this channel cannot disappoint when one needs a Halloween fix. 

The EVP of Programming and Content Strategy from ABC Entertainment and Freeform describes this idea by saying, “There’s something sentimental about these holiday classics that brings a real sense of comfort and nostalgia to people, and we look forward to celebrating this anniversary with another spirited lineup.”  

While there is still plenty of time to enjoy the season, a festive way to get your movie fill in is by turning on the TV, lighting a pumpkin candle or two, and enjoying the nostalgia of the 31 Nights of Halloween.
The full calendar of movies can be found on Freeform’s website.

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