10 Songs to Add to Your Fall Playlist


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By WCUA Radio Club

As we slip further into October, leaves are falling down and a chill is in the air at CUA. It’s time to say goodbye to the songs of the summer and embrace the changing of the seasons with our top 10 songs for fall. 

  1. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” by Taylor Swift

Taylor uses vivid imagery that transports me into fall every time I listen. The ten-minute version adds so much detail to the story of her heartbreak as a young girl, and gives you a perfect timer for when you’re rushing to class in ten minutes! 

– Liesl Ament, co-host of The L-Name Club

  1. “Everything I Love” by Morgan Wallen

Fall is the time for country music! Classic acoustic guitars meet modern harmonies in Wallen’s hit song. The upbeat instrumentation of this song blends elements from pop and country to create a bouncy, inviting sound. Kick back at a tailgate and cheer on your favorite team with this song as your soundtrack. 

– Adeline Mueller, Public Relations Chair 

  1. “Day and Night” by Ok Goodnight

This song has elements of rock and lo-fi, along with a motif that sounds spooky. The calm chorus from the guitar gives off that feeling you have as you wander through fall leaves, or “through the garden” from the lyrics. Finally, the vocal strength and unique timbre of the artist make the song even more entrancing. You really become immersed in this song if you simply just walk outside under autumn leaves– especially in the morning.

– Sophie Elfasi, podcast creator

  1. “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel’s music is great for fall in a city since they have a bittersweet tone that underlies the music. The lyrics are evocative and touching, spelling out a man who is struggling in the midst of a cold, distant world. If that’s not the anthem of midterms, I don’t know what is.

– Michael Kish, station member 

  1. “Prelude” from Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack

Over the Garden Wall is a must-watch for the month of October. This song is perfect for getting lost in the woods to … and then returning home for a hot cup of apple cider.

– Teresa Varadan, Director of Operations

  1.  “Where You Lead I Will Follow” by Carole King

Speaking of fall shows, Gilmore Girls is known to many as being the perfect show for fall because of the cozy setting of Stars Hollow and the characters’ obsession with sharing a hot cup of coffee…and another one…and another one! The Gilmore Girls theme song is the only one that I’ll play all the way through when binging at night. 

– Teresa Varadan, Director of Operations

  1.  “Liz On Top Of the World” from ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Soundtrack

This song is both haunting and peaceful at the same time! Every time I play the track, it evokes images of leaves falling from trees in the wind, making it perfect for the fall. 

– Teresa Varadan, Director of Operations

  1.  “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest 

From start to finish, “Dancing in the Moonlight” sings with its own kind of magic. The song starts with a sparkling introduction, letting the keyboard take the lead as soft percussion and a melodic bassline layer over the warm notes. It’s cozy and nostalgic like your favorite sweater, and it never fails to put me in a good mood, making it the perfect anthem for this time of year.

– Ena Sullivan, President and Station Manager 

  1.  “Clay Pigeons” by Michael Cera

Although he is known as an actor, the awkward but lovable Michael Cera released an album in 2014 called True That. The third song on the album is “Clay Pigeons”, a touching folk song about finding strength in the midst of life’s challenges and traveling to find yourself again. The song is a cover, originally written by country artist Blaze Foley in 1989 and later covered by many artists in the following decades. “Clay Pigeons” is a heartfelt song with sparse instrumentation that allows listeners to sink into the story and enjoy the lyrical journey. 

– Ena Sullivan, President and Station Manager

  1.     “Red” (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

Nothing says fall quite like Taylor Swift’s Red Album. This song’s evocative imagery of the colors of love pairs perfectly with the soundtrack of fall. Taylor Swift’s rerecording of this song with a more mature voice really makes you appreciate how much she has grown as a vocalist. Re-released in 2021, it is the perfect song to end our list with…

– Teresa Varadan, Director of Operations

These were picked by the staff at WCUA Radio, your on-campus radio station. Tune in to our shows at wcua.caster.fm!

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