Ella Jane and Magic! Perform at CapFest


Magic! performs with CUA's Red the Cardinal at CapFest

All Images Courtesy of Noah Slayter

By MaggieMae Dethlefsen

Program Board’s annual CapFest concert for students featured artists with headline band MAGIC! with Ella Jane as the surprise opening artist. 

MAGIC! had their first single come out in 2013. Their most popular song was at number five on the Canadian Albums Chart. They have continued their career by opening for other artists, making music, and performing at festivals. 

Ella Jane grew up in New York but moved to L.A. last summer chasing her dream of making music full time. Her first song “This Is Not What It Looks Like!” went viral on TikTok starting the track of her releasing more and more music. This fall, she will be starting her first international tour. 

This event takes many hands to make it possible. The student-led Program Board spent months planning, contacting artists, and setting up to run the event. Weeks before the event, they table to promote and encourage everyone to come to the event with stickers and other merchandise for the students to help.  

During the opening, Ella Jane sang a variety of songs that helped hype up the crowd before hearing the covers by MAGIC! The night came to an end when MAGIC! Sang their most famous song “Rude.” 

Sophomore student Mia Biggs said, “This is a great experience for the community to come together and have something on campus that allows all students to have a good time with the greater Catholic University community.” 

Students in the CUA community every year not only wait for the music but also the food that is at CapFest, which includes food trucks and vendors providing delicious desserts and meals for the students who come watch the performers. 

Freshman Izzy Graham said, “The food was an amazing part of the event, being able to grab something to eat and have great music to listen to made it an exciting experience, and will definitely be looking forward to coming back next year!”

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