Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Wins Regionals and is Nationals Bound


 Image Courtesy of Coach Madelyn Demaret: #1 Elliana “Hook” Arnold

By Meredith Hamm and Liesl Ament 

It has been an interesting spring season for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, with freezing cold tournaments earlier in the semester. Despite the temperatures, the team competed well. After so many wins, the team was optimistic about their chances at Regionals. After Easter Break, the pressure was finally on. They had only a week to prepare for the most important tournament of the season, and a trip to Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, was on the line.  

The Nun Betta team excitedly left Friday, April 14, for the two-day tournament in Richmond, Virginia. After a much needed Wawa stop and sorting into the rooms, the frisbee players slept as much as they could in anticipation of the coming days.  

The next morning, after a hearty hotel breakfast of waffles, individually packed muffins, and an assortment of juice and coffee, the team set out to the fields at 8:30 a.m. Saturday was the ordering day: how well the teams did would determine their place in Sunday’s bracket. Going into the tournament on Saturday, the Catholic University of America’s (CUA) Ultimate Team was the number one seed. They would be competing against Mary Washington, Elon University, and Richmond University.

With three games to go, Nun Betta anticipated a long and hot day of playing. It was already 76 °F at 10:00 a.m., the start of their first match against Richmond. Nun Betta won 15-1 thanks to points scored by Captain Maddy “Mop” Perrino, Nina Consiglio, Mary Eileen “Bambi” McDermott, Captain Cat DeMassi, Jessica “Jello” Jalowiec, Ciara Keane, Bridget “Four” Guinee, Meredith Hamm, and Sophia Cook. By the second match against Elon at noon, it was 79 °F, and the UV was now seven; nevertheless, the Ultimate Team persisted. The final score was 15-2, with stand-out points from Emma “Toe” Wallace, and Kaia Rainier.  

The final match of the day was at 2:00 p.m., and the height of the temperature was 81 °F against Mary Washington.  This was going to be the team to beat for CUA. In previous years, Mary Washington won the bid to Nationals. Nun Betta had faced Mary Washington in previous tournaments in the spring semester. After an hour and a half, the final score of Saturday’s match was CUA beating Mary Washington 14-3 . It looked promising for the Women’s Ultimate Team, but there was still another day of games to play.

After seven hours of playing Ultimate, the players and coaches, Steve “Scuba” Krieder, Kiera “KiKi” Kenneally, Lauren Coene, and Madelyn Demaret, refueled at the best sit-down restaurant in Glen Allen: Red Robin. The team also stopped for ice cream at the Lickinghole Creamery & Gifts. The Ultimate players were fast asleep by 10pm.  Everyone needed their rest for the important day to come.

The CUA team was again at the fields by 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, and warmed up to play their last two games of the tournament. Being the number one seed and winner of Saturday’s games, the team was set to play against Elon, who came in third from Saturday’s games, and Mary Washington, who stayed in second as well. The first match against Elon ended happily and with good sportsmanship from both teams, as the Nun Betta squad won 15-1.  

The final match to determine who was going to nationals was CUA versus Mary Washington. This was a tough match, as the weather was again sweltering, and clouds were few and far between. Nun Betta took an early lead of 5-1 but ended the half 7-4. Mary Washington was putting up a good fight, and when it came down to the wire, the score was as close as 10-6. However, after a final long and hard fought point,  Demassi scored the winning point, finalizing the game 11-6.  

Demassi gave her comments after the game.

“I felt overwhelmed,” Demassi said. “That moment was something that a lot of us had been working towards for four years. I was absolutely exhausted, but in that moment we had done it. We were going to Nationals!”

Now, back and a bit sunburnt, the CUA Women’s Ultimate Team is Nationals bound and is currently ranked 14th in the nation for Division III Ultimate. They will continue practicing and honing their skills in preparation for Nationals in Ohio on May 20-22.

Captain Perrino gave her comments after hearing the news. 

“I’m very proud of this team and what we’ve accomplished this season,” Perrino said. “Everyone contributes and I think that’s what makes us so successful. I’m excited to see how we do at nationals and I’m also excited to see how the underclassmen do in the seasons to come.”

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