By Margaret Adams

Catholic University and The Tower have a long history, so let’s take a look back to see what the CUA community was up to this week in March 1946, 1981, 2007, and 2018.

The Tower Jr., Volume 1, Issue 4, March 22, 1946

During the Second World War, many Catholic University students were fighting overseas. The lack of staff made publishing a full-scale newspaper difficult, so students created The Tower Jr., which published less often and covered less topics than the weekly paper. This edition of The Tower Jr. covers the student council’s “indifference” to their duties, a heated debate from the Shahan Society, a Morpheus Jr. column, and even an article written from the perspective of a mouse named Timothy.

The Tower, Volume 59, Issue 21, March 27, 1981

Students wrote into Cardinal Sin, a Dear Abby adjacent, to discuss their grievances and issues. To a student struggling with the “conservative University environment” and how to deal with self-proclaimed progressive students whose actions do not match their beliefs, Cardinal Sin wrote, “Unless you derive happiness and/or satisfaction from an ongoing struggle for acceptance, the only way to stop the persecution is to sell-out and conform.” 

The Tower, Vol 85, Issue 20, March 23, 2007

University students, many who belonged to the Catholic peace organization Pax Christi, attended a march on the Pentagon in protest of the war in Iraq. A student quoted in the article criticized the University’s hypocrisy in supporting the Pro-Life movement, but not formally supporting the anti-war efforts.  

 The Tower,  Vol 95, Issue 21, March 23, 2018

In this edition of The Tower, the 2018-2019 Editor-in-chief of The Tower is announced as Liz Friedan. The politics corner features a piece on Bolton being named as Trump’s national security advisor. In news, the CUA president John Garvey answers student questions at a town hall meeting and students spend their spring break at a ‘hackathon’ held in Rome. 

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