Meet the SGA Executive Candidates: Rise CatholicU and New Day CUA


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The SGA executive candidates for the 2023-2024 academic year are officially campaigning under two separate tickets: Rise CatholicU and New Day CUA. Elections will be held on April 1 from 9AM to 9PM, and students will be able to vote on the Nest. Read statements from your prospective candidates for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary to learn more about their platforms:

Maevis Fahey, Rise CatholicU candidate for Student Body President

Our Rise Catholic U team is a family. Catholic University is my home, and it has been an honor to serve the student body as the current SGA Vice President and a House Minister in Flather. We come from many corners across campus, and we care about advocating for student leaders, athletes, workers, freshmen, students studying abroad, students in times of crisis, our Catholic faith, and ensuring that everyone feels at home here.

Jamie Besendorfer, New Day CUA candidate for Student Body President

Hello CUA, My name is Jamie Besendorfer and I am running to be your next Student Body President. Since my election to the position of Class of 2024 Senator my freshman year, I have worked tirelessly to advocate for the needs of CUA students through sponsoring and cosponsoring several resolutions, serving as the chair of the Committee for University Services, and the President Pro Tempore. My involvement in our campus community goes far beyond SGA. I am a part of Dean Abela’s Student Advisory Council in the Busch School of Business, work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a tour guide, and build relationships with administrators and alumni as a student member of the Student Philanthropy Council’s E-Board. These connections have given me countless opportunities, such as The College Tour and 2022 OPUS Prize, to learn more about CUA, it’s students, and it’s mission. If elected I will ensure the integrity of the work that has already been in SGA is preserved while continuing to make the necessary changes as our university continues to grow. At its core, SGA is about representing all the students at Catholic University, and advocating for issues that are important to them. During my three years at CUA, I have built relationships with the necessary people to streamline these issues and implement them. Connecting SGA directly to Student Organizations on campus like SACC and the CCE to work for a more unified community. I feel that all my work outside and inside of SGA makes me the best candidate to represent our student body as we embark on this New Day.

Alex Harvey, Rise CatholicU candidate for Vice President

Rise Catholic U’s mission is built upon the passion and enthusiasm of our incredible students. Our Student Government Association should work directly for the student body by listening to the concerns of our peers and creating fruitful solutions that enhance the student experience. As your Vice President, I will lead the Senate by building positive relationships and promoting a culture of unity and integrity. 

Matthew Michels, New Day CUA candidate for Vice President

My name is Matt Michels and I’m running to be the next Vice President of our student body. As Senator for the Class of 2024, I have spent the past two years advocating for members of the university community. I want to continue my efforts in reforming Title IX policies, addressing campus safety, pushing for more inclusivity, and working to improve the overall student experience at CUA. My work in the Senate both as a senator and as a committee chair have prepared me to not only lead the senate, but to work with senators as they draft legislation and meet with administrators as we fight for a new day.

Sean Scully, Rise CatholicU candidate for Treasurer

The students at this university are capable of doing amazing things when they are given the resources to succeed. I have seen it first-hand in the residence halls as an RA and around campus as a Treasury Board Director. I am running because the Treasury Board needs to have the utmost respect for the time and effort put in by student organizations on this campus. As a student who has been on both ends of the funding request process, I am uniquely motivated to give the student body what they deserve. 

Matthew Blomgren, New Day CUA candidate for Treasurer

My name is Matthew Blomgren and I am running to be your next Treasurer for the Student Government Association. I am hoping to continue to uphold the value of the Treasury Board in its official capacity to distribute funds to our student organizations with fairness. I will continue to maintain a responsible use of our Student Activity Fee and work with Treasury Board Directors and club leaders to ensure that students will continue to enjoy engaging events on our vibrant campus.

Kathleen Polking, Rise CatholicU candidate for Secretary

I am running for Secretary with Rise Catholic U because I love the community I have found at CUA, and after 3 years involved in several areas of campus, I feel I have the perspective and experience necessary to advocate for the change our student body truly wishes to see. I am running with Rise Catholic U because we seek to make every student feel empowered and valued in their years here.

Ashley Martin, New Day CUA candidate for Secretary

My name is Ashley Martin and I am running for Secretary for the Student Government Association to create more transparency between SGA and the student body. Students deserve to be updated on a weekly basis on what every branch of SGA is doing and I hope to bring that transparency through an increased use of social media.

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