Hozier’s Back and Better Than Ever


Image Courtesy of Hoziers Instagram

By Lily Chambers

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Andrew Hozier-Byrne: the Irish god of music, fan proclaimed King of the Lesbians, and speculated Irish bog monster, has blessed our ears with three new songs from his newly released EP, Eat Your Young, this past St. Paddy’s Day, which marks the singer’s first release of 2023. Along with this release he has also revealed that this EP is the first hints of his new album, set to be released later this summer, as well as upcoming tour dates for the Unreal Earth Tour in a recent Instagram post.

The EP includes three songs: the titular “Eat Your Young,” “All Things End,” and “Through Me (The Flood).” This EP mixes the best parts of both of his previous albums taking instrumental inspiration from his second album Wasteland Baby! (2019), and more of the lyrical inspiration from his debut self titled album Hozier (2014). The lyrics are as thoughtfully written and sung as all of Hozier’s previous works. 

All three of the songs are of the same extraordinary quality that Hozier’s previous works are produced with. Hozier is definitely the perfect example of quality over quantity. He has amassed large amounts of fame though only having released two full length studio albums over the past 10 years with some other singles and collaborations peppered in between both of them. All of his works are carefully crafted and thought out. Fans are able to feel all of that thought that went into each lyric, note, and beat while listening. 

Hozier’s lyrics hold so much meaning behind them that it can take fans a few listens to fully understand a song in all of its glory. Though fans are used to going longer without new music whenever he does a release it’s a very exciting time for them. Fans know the exact quality of music they will be receiving and that the album or single will probably exceed and surpass all expectations.

The songs are inspired by Dante’s Inferno according to Hozier himself in an interview with Rolling Stone UK. The lyrics for the first song  were specifically inspired by the second and ninth circles of Dante’s version of hell. The second song’s lyrics were specifically inspired by the sixth circle of hell. The third song’s lyrics are loosely inspired by Dante’s Inferno but more inspired by a German piece called Metamorphoses by Ovid. 

This EP starts the lead up to his upcoming album Unreal Earth, set for release sometime in late summer, once again according to his Instagram. The album will be around 17 to 18 songs in total, including the three from the EP. Hozier will be embarking on a world tour for this album starting on April 15th, 2023 in London and ending on November 4th, 2023 in LA at the Hollywood Bowl. 
To access tickets sales go to Hozier website and select the tour live dates category to see dates and locations.

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