By Jacqueline Jedrych 

Catholic University and The Tower have a long history, so let’s take a look back to see what the CUA community was up to in February 1928, 1973, and 2013. 

95 years ago: Volume 6, Issue 18, February 22, 1928

In 1928, the CUA community was finishing up their junior prom weekend. Morpheus, of course, brought the drama in his column on the first page, calling out a student for abbreviating his name in the prom program. Additionally, the Utopian Club had their Tea Dance, where students are reported to have had some sick dance moves. It is a week for the arts, with the Glee Club hosting a concert, a notable meeting of the Dramatic Association, and the announcement of a one-act play contest. Illustrations of the basketball team during a game headed off the sports section, which discussed a game at George Washington. The issue closes with a cartoon advertisement for Old Gold Cigarettes, “the smoother and better cigarette… not a cough in a carload.”

50 years ago: Volume 51, Issue 17, February 23, 1973

The front page of this edition from 1973 discusses housing on campus. A meeting discussed the possibility of a co-ed dorm, a new sign-in desk for the (now gone) Spalding dorm, and the role of RAs, and an upcoming survey will examine student satisfaction with the housing. The acceptance of a theological thesis is also covered above the fold. Additionally, Catholic University professor minimum salaries were increased to $16,000 annually and compared to other local schools. 

10 years ago: Volume 90, Issue 18, February 27, 2013

The lead story covers men’s and women’s basketball teams and their respective wins at the Landmark Championships. The Quill section is particularly controversial: a letter in Quill discusses the experience of the proposal to officialize CUAllies, a still-unrecognized LGBTQ+ recognition organization on campus and a Tower editorial discusses Pope Benedict’s decision to step down. This edition closes with a page of memes and jokes themed around lent and the basketball win. 

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