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By Alannah Murphy

CBC, or Cardinal Broadcasting Company, is a new club at CUA focused on providing students with opportunities in the Broadcast Journalism field and developing skills in video production, news gathering, editing, and writing. CBC is also a resource on campus that informs and entertains the wider CUA community through its segments and episodes. CBC’s videos are a sit-down anchor show, every two weeks the anchors record the show and edit the video together. 

It has been in the making for a year after a second-year student in the musical theatre program, Alexis Griess, pitched the idea for the club last spring to senior media and communications major and digital art minor Alex Strimel. 

“I recognized that although I could minor in media studies at CUA, there wasn’t a broadcast journalism presence on our campus. That is what I was most interested in pursuing after I graduate,” Griess said. “When coming to college for the first time we often hear, ‘if we don’t have a club for you, you can make it,’ so I decided to! I knew I wanted to continue to explore my passion for broadcast journalism more while in college and I also saw Alex’s passion for video filming and editing. I knew we would work really well together and create something great.”

Strimel said he knew he wanted to be on board because of the opportunities CBC could provide students.

“I have a passion for storytelling and, in the time I have left on campus, I want to continue exploring stories that make this campus unique and share them with others,” Strimel said. 

Strimel and Griess are co-presidents of CBC and currently have four other members: sophomores Delaney Harty, Michael Dane, Mariah Solis, and senior Nick Barry. Their advisor is Assistant Professor in the Media and Communication Studies department, Glenn Anderson. 

Anderson has worked in the TV and streaming media world since 2003 and has been a Senior US producer for BBC News focused on social and streaming media, was one of the founding editors of BBC News on YouTube, and has worked for, where he got to report on military medicine from Afghanistan. 

According to Anderson, he is “thrilled” that CUA students took the initiative to start this network. 

“There is no better way to work towards a career in the news media than by getting your hands dirty with video reporting. I have worked with Alex and Alexis from the start as both an informal and formal faculty advisor for Cardinal Broadcasting. I am so proud of what they have already created. A lot of the on-air talent, producers, and crew are my students,” Anderson said. “We have a growing passion for media production on this campus and I feel like CBC will be a great outlet for our students to have their work seen.”

Strimel and Griess are still looking for more people to join CBC. Strimel says that people should join because it is a “way to grow new skills in storytelling and content creation.”

“It is also a great way to connect and get to know the wider CUA community. One of the great parts of this club is that we are composed of and represent a variety of students with different interests, skills, and experiences and at the end of the day our ultimate goal is to bring them together to work toward a common goal of bringing new and untold stories to the forefront of campus discussion,” Strimel said. 

CBC recently released its first episode. The episode is about 7 and a half minutes long and features Greiss and Dane as co-anchors discussing information and updates related to CUA. The full episode is available on their YouTube page.  

Strimel and Griess are both excited about the future of CBC and encourage students to attend one of their meetings to get a sense of what it would be like to be a part of CBC. 

CBC is on Instagram @cardinalbroadcastingcompany and Facebook (Cardinal Broadcasting Company). You can also follow the link in their bio which leads to CBC’s full videos on YouTube, as well as a form where you can submit your news for CBC’s future broadcasts.

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