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By Jaci Jedrych

Life at a university can be hard. From long walks to difficult classes, finding ways to make your life easier is key. The Catholic University community strives to make your experience at CUA better, but it can be hard to find the information buried in University webpages, so we gathered our top six tips to hack life at CUA: 

  1. Take the shuttle for long walks.

Catholic University hosts a free shuttle service to transport students anywhere on campus. On-demand pickups can be called in anytime from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 10:30 PM. The Student Government Association even recently ran a pilot test program to possibly extend the service to the weekends. Track the shuttle any time here. Nevertheless, from O’Boyle to Barnes and Noble, the shuttle will help you avoid pesky hills and let you get more sleep! 

2. Contact the liaison librarians for research help.

Writing a research paper and totally unsure where to start? We’ve all been there. Luckily, the librarians at Mullen are here to help! Check out their directory and if they have a liaison librarian in the subject, shoot them an email. They will help you find resources and give recommendations on what direction to start. See the directory with contact information here

3. Go to the Kane Center for free personal training and workout classes. 

Between weird class schedules and dining room hours, it can be hard to find time to stay consistent with going to the gym in college and running into that cute guy from your Stats class while you’re clueless at the weights can make it even more difficult to motivate yourself to go. If this sounds like you, sign up for the Kane Center’s free personal training or workout classes. Certified personal trainers are free for all undergraduate, graduate, and law students looking to create a workout plan, improve their fitness, or just have someone to hold them accountable. Workout classes are held almost every night of the week. With classes from yoga to HIIT, there’s something for everyone! Check out their schedules or sign up for personal training here

4. Use the Esports Lounge’s free gaming equipment. 

Love video games but can’t fit a computer into your dorm? Head over to the Esports Lounge in room 224 of the Pryz and use their recreational gaming equipment. Students are able to use 12 state-of-the-art Alienware computers, 2 TVs, 3 Nintendo switches, 2 Occulus VR headsets, 1 PS5,1 Xbox X, and various accessories to game recreationally during open hours. Check out the hours and learn how to join the competitive teams here

5. Get free groceries or swap clothes from on-campus organizations. 

If you are struggling with food insecurity on campus, the Cardinal Cupboard can help. Located on the bottom floor of the Pryz, they hold open hours where students can pick up free groceries. They even partner with the community garden to provide some fresh produce! And if your wardrobe needs a refresh, swap your clothes for free at the Cardinal Closet, the on-campus thrift store, every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am – 2 pm. 

6. Get drinks at (almost) any time. 

If you need to fill up your water bottle in the Pryz but the Eatery is closed, head downstairs to the Food Court: the back fountain drink machine in the Food court is always on. Fill up with clean water and ice whenever the Pryz is open. And if you have a friend studying media or architecture, ask them to swipe you into Crough, where you can get hot chocolate or coffee from the hot drink vending machine. 

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