In this week’s Tower History column, we will collect relevant, historical, or humorous excerpts from any past editions of The Tower’s 99-year-existence. Compiled weekly by Tower staff.

99 years of The Tower can be read here.

14 years ago; October 26, 2007; Vol. 86, Issue 9

  • On this day 14 years ago, a student at the Catholic University of America contracted MRSA. The information came from an editorial written by a student pleading with the University to communicate with the student better, especially about matters of health. 

22 years ago; October 22, 1999; Vol. 78, Issue 6

  • An article was written explaining how ancient the CUA STEP program was; STEP stands for Student Enrollment by Phone. There were plans on starting to transition to a new enrollment process through an administrative computer network. If the STEP program were to not meet the standards of a growing population of applicants, students would then start to enroll and drop classes exclusively online!

46 years ago; October 17, 1975; Vol. 54, Issue 6

  • The National Coalition to Ban Handguns marched on the Capitol to bring attention to victims of handgun violence, citing statistics which show that from 1963 to 1973 more people in the U.S. died by firearms than during the Vietnam War. 

78 years ago; October 22, 1943; Vol. 19, Issue 1

  • The new Tower editorial board is announced, the entire board consisting of only 9 men. 

91 years ago; October 22, 1930; Vol. 9, Issue 4

In this edition, one student wrote about the new fencing classes being established at CUA; the classes were taught by esteemed fencing instructor, Prof. Lanzilli. 2 classes per week cost $8.00 a month.

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