PINK Performs the Role of Rockstar and Mother in New Documentary


(Image courtesy of Decider)

By Renee Rasmussen 

Singer Pink has never been known to be a trend-follower, but with the release of her documentary Pink: All I Know So Far, she follows in the footsteps of Demi Lavato, Taylor Swift, and Justin Beiber, who have all released documentary-style movies about their lives and fame.

While at first glance Pink’s movie may feel repetitive in the world of Hollywood, she adds her own unique flair to make her story stand out among the rest. Directed by Michael Gracey and released on Amazon Prime, this movie follows Pink during the summer of 2019 as she travels Europe for her Beautiful Trauma world tour. With her are her husband and former professional motocross competitor, Carey Hart, and their two kids, eight-year-old Willow Sage and two-year-old Jameson. 

The actual tour plays as the background noise for the focus of the documentary, which  follows how Pink manages to incorporate the roles of mother and wife into the lifestyle of  a rockstar. Pink has the reputation of a singer who cares little about what people think of her, and, in a sense, has become a voice for those who feel they have little say in the world. Her sometimes crude nature has played into her image as a singer, and this documentary serves to prove that Pink has kept that side of her and matured it to include motherhood and marriage. 

In between shots of tour prep, choreography practice, and vocal warmups, Pink is shown riding bikes with her family through a small European street, changing her son’s diaper, and having a heart to heart with her daughter Willow about summer camp. 

While these elements are endearing, the true vulnerability is shown through Pink’s perception of her career and performance. Throughout her training, she is constantly talking to her choreographers, critiquing herself and her shows, and explaining how important it is to her to put on a good show for her fans. 

But good is not enough for Pink, who, after a performance, vents in the car ride home to her husband, saying, “Tell you what, if I were in the audience and I was a ticket buyer and I paid for parking and a meal and schlepped all the way down there and saw that show, I would be disappointed.”

It’s in these moments that Pink unconsciously proves her dedication to her fans, her humble view of her fame, and her desire to challenge and better herself both professionally and personally. At the core of this documentary, Pink proves she is a hard worker, both as a performer and as a parent, even if she doesn’t reach the emotional depths that other performers have in their own documentaries. 

This documentary looks more like a love letter to her children than an emotional revelation about the singer’s inner life. While not as dramatic as others, this documentary is fully and utterly Pink, and brings fans closer to the singer and family. In snippets with her husband, playtime with her children, and prep for dangerous stunts, Pink once again proves that fitting into a box has never been her style. She’d rather be exactly who she is and raise children who do the same. 

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