Musical Sensation, Halsey, Reflects on Life and Heartbreak in Poetry Book, I Would Leave Me If I Could


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By Angela Hickey

Well known for her unique voice and musical talent, Halsey breaks out of her comfort zone in her new book, I Would Leave Me If I Could. The book is a collection of poems written by the singer/songwriter depicting the multiple struggles she’s experienced in her personal life. 

First revealed on her Instagram on Tuesday, November 10, her collection reveals never-before-seen poetry depicting her personal experiences with topics such as her experiences with heartbreak, how she deals with her bipolar disorder, her family dynamics, and allegations of domestic abuse. 

The singer has always been transparent and honest about her mental health and personal feelings, and this collection is a stunning testament to the years of hard work she has put into her career. 

“A lot of people just generally assume I don’t write my own music, even though I’ve said till I’m blue in the face that I do. Also, there’s stuff you can say in a book that you can’t say in an album,” confessed Halsey in an interview with Vogue. “When I sing, the writing is tainted by whatever I look like at that time, whoever people think I’m dating at that time, and whatever they’ve read about me in the press most recently. They build a composite of who they think I am, and then that’s how they interpret the work. But a book is faceless.” 

The book itself is an inside look into Halsey’s inner thoughts and even a sneak peek behind how some of her songs were written. Such is the case with her poem “Homemaker,” the fourth poem in her collection, which explores the performative nature of keeping a tidy, “shiny” home and buying expensive luxuries. The second to last stanza of this poem echoes some of the lyrics of her song “Forever…(Is a Long Time),” the fifth track of her previous album, Manic.

Since its release, there has been an outpouring of positive reviews for the singer/songwriter’s big poetry debut, with many praising Halsey for her intimate writing and flawless way with words. Despite her success, she doesn’t see it as something to be blown out of proportion.

“It’s no different to me than what I used to do on my Tumblr. I used to write poetry and post it on my blog every day,” states Halsey.The book is available in physical copies and audiobooks and can be purchased on her official book website.

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