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By The Tower Staff 

Written by Kat Kaderabek 

It’s finally soup season, where the perfect meal after a long day comes in the form of liquid goodness. Soup is one of the easiest meals to cook, whether it is made from scratch or heated in a can. The Tower staff has compiled a list of the best soups to try during this cold season that will surely warm the stomach and the heart. 

To start off, the current Editor-in-Chief of The Tower Jessica Fetrow commends the cream of tomato soup from local restaurant Busboys and Poets. She believes it to be a crowd-favorite that has people “going crazy.” Similarly, News Editor Theresa Whitfield agrees that tomato soup is her favorite rainy-day meal; however, Whitfield prefers soup from a store-bought can, like Progresso or Campbell’s. Tomato soup has a wide variety of dipping additions. The Tower staff suggestions range from baguettes, grilled cheese, and crackers to celery, tortilla chips, and Goldfish. 

Sophomore writer Franchetta Groves also commends the staple tomato soup. Her favorite is from Panera Bread; she believes it is the best she’s ever had, especially when she can dip their grilled cheese into it. Stuck inside? The ingredients are rather simple and easy to acquire! Try a copycat recipe. 

Quill Editor Renee Rasmussen also highly recommends another Panera Bread soup. Her favorite is their broccoli cheddar soup that she eats with their dinner roll. This recipe requires more ingredients than expected, but Pinterest still offers great substitutions for copycat broccoli cheddar soup. While Panera Bread is her go-to when out and about, Renee also cannot resist her mother’s homemade zuppa toscana soup. This sentiment is agreed upon by Managing Editor Noelia Veras. And while she may not have access to Mrs. Rassmussen’s homemade toscana soup, she recommends Olive Garden’s recipe. 

Writer Jaci Jedrych is a self-proclaimed “soup enthusiast” and had much to say about the topic. Her favorite soup is surely Ina Garten’s roasted tomato basil soup. However, because she is a vegetarian, she substitutes the chicken broth for veggie broth. Her favorite dipping snack is kettle-cooked potato chips or the occasional grilled cheese. She highly recommends this to others, saying it is “so yummy!” 

Writer Shannon Miekka loves soup, but a specific type surely holds her heart. 

“I’ve never met a potato soup I didn’t like,” said the junior politics major. 

One of the more versatile soups, potato soup can undergo many additions including cheese, bacon, other vegetables, and more. Loaded Baked Potato soup surely sounds like a special treat on cold winter nights.  

And to highlight one of the classics, staff writer Fernando Cordova’s favorite soup has always been chicken noodle. Rather than cook, he likes to visit his local Panera Bread. 

“Having it served in a bread bowl is the best part because once the soup is done you can pull apart the pieces of bread, having them soaked in soup already, which tastes so good!” Cordova said. 

To end this article, the sports editor, Garrett Farrell, has asked one of the most controversial questions to ever grace the Tower Office’s room: does beef stew count as a soup? Reach out to our op-ed Editor Renee Rassmussen for the ability to respond!

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