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By Kat Kaderabek 

A fun, girl’s-night movie that is a balance of romantic interest and dry comedy, Netflix’s Work It is a great, feel-good movie geared towards teenagers and young adults. Starring Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter, this movie transforms her from a young and cute Disney Channel star and places her into the more sophisticated, sexy role of Quinn Ackerman. Fellow Disney Channel star Jordan Fisher co-stars with Carpenter as her older, experienced dance mentor Jake Taylor, who quickly becomes Carpenter’s love interest. 

The story follows the brainy and driven Quinn who forms a ragtag dance team after lying about her extracurricular activities in an interview to gain admission to Duke University. Quinn is forced to compete against her high school’s other dance team in the Work It competition despite knowing anything about dancing. While her makeshift dance group quickly excels, Quinn is left rhythmless and lonely. With the help of notorious ex-choreographer Jake, Quinn is able to break free from her comfort zone and flourish in the world of dance. Aided by her spunky, lively best friend Jasmine, played by Youtube star Liza Koshy, Quinn learns that dance is not something to study, but is something that is felt. 

The soundtrack to the Netflix original movie is one of the best parts of the film. True to the plot, the soundtrack will make viewers want to get up and dance. Powerful, fast-paced jams from artists like Kallico, Normani, Big Freedia, and Zara Larsson liven the movie, as the movie itself produces a constant beat. Work It even features its stars’ own music, including Fisher’s song “Mess” and Carpenter’s song “Let Me Move You.” The soundtrack alone is enough reason to watch the spectacular and energetic film. All the songs are streaming on platforms like Spotify and have made their way to the top charts. 

The energy of the cast is evident throughout every scene. The film is heavily influenced by the dance genre hip hop as it features the beauty and complexity of precise movements performed by hip hop dancers. From street dancing to the crowded stage, Work It is able to highlight the genre of hip hop and its impact on all people, including nerdy brainiacs, karate-fighting kids, soccer players, and alternative goths. The film directed the spotlight to this specific genre in an effort to create more credibility and respectability for the hardworking dancers who practice the art of hip hop. 

Up-and-coming star Keiyan Lonsdale plays Quinn’s rival and captain of the rival dance team the Thunderbirds, Juilliard Pembroke. His dancing is featured prominently throughout the film as he dominates the school with his fabulous pink hair and Thunderbird sidekicks. While his character is set to be the villain, his dancing is the envy of all. With his talent for acting, dancing, singing as evidenced by his role of Kid Flash in the CW’s “Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” the big screen will certainly be seeing more of Keiyan Lonsdale.

While some would call the plot predictable, the cast brought a sense of freshness to their characters with the dialogue and mannerisms of everyday teenagers. The film brought fun, quirky moments and comedic relief throughout many of the scenes that were necessary to maintain an upbeat positivity throughout the entire film. This again was aided by the electric soundtrack and intense dancing. 
The film has rapidly gained popularity and now resides at the top of Netflix’s trending list. A simple, feel-good movie that will leave viewers feeling energized and with several songs to add to their playlist, Netflix’s Work It is the optimal movie to watch during these troubling times.

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