Governor Cuomo Calls on National Guard to Aid New York Coronavirus Outbreak


By: Thomas Curry

As New York City remains the epicenter of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the United States, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to call on the National Guard to aid efforts in eradicating coronavirus in New York. 

In a conference on March 27, Gov. Cuomo spoke to soldiers of the National Guard enthusiastically urging them to help “kick coronavirus ass,” claiming that the virus will peak in New York within the next 21 days. 

Cuomo hopes that the National Guard can assist in constructing temporary hospitals that can increase the capacity that is already limited as confirmed cases continue to rise. Four hospitals are currently under construction, and Cuomo is currently seeking federal approval to build an additional four hospitals. 

With Johns Hopkins University reporting that over 26% of confirmed cases in the United States come from within New York City boundaries alone, Governor Cuomo has been quick to express gratitude to all of those on the front lines of the epidemic.

“I bring you thanks from all New Yorkers who are just so appreciative of the sacrifice you are making and you give many New Yorkers confidence,” Cuomo said.

New York City currently has enough beds to cap out at 53,000 patients, but they are expected to need 140,000 beds to accommodate for confirmed cases of coronavirus amongst other health issues.

Cuomo has also issued a plea for retired medical personnel to volunteer and help at hospitals that are short-staffed, a plea that has been met with 62,000 additional retired doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force have requested that New York evenly distribute all ventilators that are stockpiled in the state immediately, to which Cuomo has responded by calling Trump “incorrect and grossly uninformed”.

Cuomo claims that all ventilators will need to be used once the virus has reached its peak in 21 days and, while this is not an immediate need in New York, it is a necessity to keep and that all will inevitably be in use.

“So the point is, ‘well they’re in a stockpile, you must not need them’ is just ignorant — of course you don’t need them today!” Cuomo said. “You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000. We’re not there yet.”

97,522 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in all 50 states, making the United States the country with the most confirmed and active cases in the world.

Meanwhile, over 123,000 worldwide have recovered, making up over one-fifth of the confirmed cases. However, Trump has continually warned that “there is still a long battle ahead.”

For information on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 or how to properly act if you think you are sick, please refer to CDC Guidelines.

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