Catholic University’s Student Government Holds Two Senate Meetings


By Thomas Holmes

The Catholic University’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted two senate sessions over the last two weeks, on February 24 and March 2. Both meetings only contained one piece of legislation, but Vice President Kaitlin Shanahan provided updates for SGA both nights. 

Senate session 5-9 took place in Heritage Hall. The only piece of legislation brought forward was Resolution 017 which was sponsored by Jonathan Harrison. Harrison, along with the co-sponsors, wrote the resolution with the intent of extending the hours of the career fair hosted by the Center for Academic and Career Success (CACS).

“Currently, CACS hosts only one career fair per semester,” Harrison said. “Principally, these reforms are based on both the timing of the career fair and the employers present.”

Harrison aimed to make the career fair more inclusive to students who had class during the day, limiting their ability to meet potential employers. 

When Harrison was asked how Catholic University’s career fair differed from peer universities’ career fairs, he responded that most other D.C. schools’ career fairs last longer than Catholic University’s.

“My vision would be to have CACS work with student’s schedules to be able to accomodate students who have class during the career fair,” Harrison said.

After a short debate, the senate voted on Resolution 017 with a ruling of twenty-two in favor, none against, none abstaining, and two not present.

Senate session 5-9 lasted around twenty-five minutes, ending with closing remarks from Shanahan.

The next meeting, senate session 5-10, took place on March 2 in Caldwell Auditorium. Like the previous meeting, senate session 5-10 only had one resolution up for debate. 

Michael Klein sponsored Resolution 018 which was brought forward to add a crosswalk in front of Crough Hall and next to Maloney Hall.

Klein and co-sponsor Ally Kilgore mentioned that this crosswalk would improve student safety on campus.

After only one comment regarding the resolution, Cecilia Bracey motioned to vote on the resolution, a motion which was promptly voted against. After Bracey’s motioned to end debate was denied, more than twenty-five minutes of heated debate took place regarding the crosswalk.

Much of the hesitation from the senators was regarding the effectiveness of the crosswalk.

“What is the practicality of this crosswalk?” asked Gemma Del Carmen, who mentioned that there are already multiple crosswalks in the area.

The lengthy debate proved that the senators took every piece of legislation seriously. 

Resolution 018 passed with eighteen in favor, three against, none abstaining, and three not present. 

Following the passing of resolution 018, Shanahan discussed all of the pieces of legislation passed this school year. The next senate meeting will take place on March 30.

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