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Clean Breathing is reader-supported. In a time when air pollution rates are sky-high, especially in urban areas, investing in a Car Air Purifier ( should be a no-brainer.Apart from outside pollutants that enter your car, there are air pollutants produced within the car itself. A great car air cleaner is good at bringing health benefits to you and your family by making the air in your car cleaner.

However, there are some nuances when it comes to picking up the best one for you. Your ideal option will depend on factors like the type of purifying action, the size of your car, and the features and designs of the Portable Air Purifier.

With various type of car air purifiers available on the market, finding what product will be the best fit for you isn’t a easy task. That’s why we did the legwork for you and made a list of the best car air purifiers you can find online.

In this guide, we’ve added reviews of our favorite picks, along with a purchasing guide if you want to mull over another options by yourself.

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Types of Car Air Purifiers

The three most usual systems out there are ion generators, HEPA filters,antibacterial( filter, as well as ozone generators. Although a lot of products integrate these technologies, we will explain how they work one by one.

Ion Generators
Utilizing an electrical charge, air ionizers produce negative ions which adhere to numerous air particles and make them heavier. Now, who would want to take a breath heavier air? Fret not, as a consequence of this procedure, the hazardous bacteria and microbes are not able to stay in the air as well as fall to the ground where you will not inhale them, leaving you with the good stuff. For that reason, they provide a perfect solution for people with allergic reactions and/or asthma.

The drawback to this is that you still need to clean your car thoroughly, as they don’t filter the dirt out.

The Ion generators usually do not cost much and also are simple to use. But, for them to be as efficient as you wish, make certain to pay attention to their ion producing ability.

HEPA Filters

Car air purifiers that use HEPA filters are quite straightforward in terms of functionality. They simply pull the air in the car through a filter, capturing all kinds of particles. What you breath is fresh, untarnished air that comes out from another side of the filter. Albeit the oldest type of mini air purifier, they’re also the most efficient when it comes to remove harmful particle.

The filter is usually made of interwoven fibers and sometimes includes an added carbon filter for better odor removal. Although, that’s not their strongest point.

With high efficiency comes relatively high maintenance, as you would often need to replace the filters in a system like this, which adds to the already much cost of the purifier itself. The frequency of changing the filters varies, depending on the amount of dust or pet hair in your car or the areas that you drive in.

Ozone Generators

These devices generate a molecule called ozone, also found in the natural environment, which is very reactive and removes odors quickly. So, if your main problem is dealing with smelly odors in your car while keeping the air fresh and clean, the ozonator should be your first choice.

Car air purifiers that release ozone are not to be confused with commercial-grade generators, which produce very high concentrations of ozone. Some of the products that we provided emit the molecule in lower amounts which are far below the dangerous level that would make you unwell.

That being said, they are still not the suitable for people who have respiratory problems or just don’t like the smell of ozone.

Our favorite picks

Philips GoPure Compact 200

The Philips Automotive Lights GPC20GPX1 GoPure Compact 200 Auto Air Cleaner, 1 Pack additionally uses a HEPA three-stage filtration, however it has an extra pre-filter and a HESA filter. It touts an incredible 99% microorganisms elimination rate, together with various other odors, dirt, smoke, unsafe gases, include hair or fur. Irritants such as pollen should not pose a problem for this purifier either.


The HEPA filter traps the bigger bits, while the HESA filter maintains the air fresh as well as is especially efficient in removing undesirable smells. The special HESA modern technology exceeds most ionizers, presenting 3x better tobacco smoke residue removal as certified by TUV, an independent German test house that supplies assessment and also item accreditation services.

It draws its power through a 13 ft, 12-volt power cable and it uses just 3 watts. Although it maintains running an hour after you switch off the car, you need not worry about the car battery given that the power usage is unbelievably low. The lengthy cord makes it practical for you to put the device in your auto anywhere you want.

The instinctive air sensor unit has a shade coded lights system that informs you the current status of the air: blue for outstanding, yellow for adequate, and red for poor. This same sign will begin blinking which reminds you of changing a filter.

In regards to add-on features, this purifier is truly customized for any automobile, having multiple placing accessories such as an anti-slide pad, a suction mug, as well as an accessory belt. You can position it on the windscreen using the suction cup or if that does not work for you, only connect it to a headrest using the attachment belt.

It has 3 rate settings as well as an automated on/off switch, so you won’t have to bear in mind to turn it on each time you get in the car. Oh, and don’t worry about the sound, the hum it produces is minimal.


Just like the Airthereal, the GoPure requires filter replacement additionally. Depending upon your car usage, the filters can last in between eight to twelve months. Although these filters are a bit more costly than the Airthereal’s, the price is reasonable since it integrates both HEPA and HESA technology.

The Point:

Philips is a well-known brand that represents high quality and there are rare cases when you need help because the car air purifier works perfectly. The complex and effective air cleansing technology puts the Philips GoPure Compact 200 on the pricier side, however we’re particular the additional features deserve it.

EraClean Car Air Purifier Refresher Portable, Removes pollution, Cigarette Smoke, Pet And Food Odor

The EraClean Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors – Available for Your Auto or RV is the first ionizer on our list and also therefore, it comes with a budget pleasant price, should you opt-out of spending much more on an intricate air filter. Using ionizing innovation, this mini air purifier substantially enhances air quality by sucking up negative odor-causing particles, together with various other impurities and also harmful bacteria and viruses. It generates approximately 5 million negetive ions per cm3, which is quite a great deal, considering its tiny design.


It is not a surprise that this purifier is the go-to option when it comes to deodorizing cigarette smoke, pet odor, mold, food, as it functions as a fantastic air freshener. Ionized air additionally boasts numerous health benefits, such as enhanced lung feature and blood pressure alleviation. The difference in air quality is noticeable after a few mins, while ABS body and Tumbler design fits steadily in any car cup holder.

The EraClean ( turns on when you plug it directly in the 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet and it runs until you take it out. It does not have any filter inside, as it does not collect any dust inside. Air blows from inside out with Negative Ions. So no cleaning required. Whether you occasionally smoke or frequently smell odors, this car air purifier will bring back the freshness! Refreshes and adds a nice clean air feel — even in older cars!


EraClean lacks is the multitude of more features such as changing modes of operation that the Autowit Fresh 2 has in abundance.

The Point:

Altogether, costing as low as it does and having no added maintenance costs, the EraClean offers the most worth and makes the top of our list as the most best ionizing car air purifier.

Autowit Fresh 2

Complying with on the heels of success of the initial Autowit cleaner, the autowit Fresh 2 Car Air Humidifier Cleaner with High-Efficiency Compound Filter Portable Air Purifier and Ultrasonic Humidifier is absolutely modern among car air purifiers in regards to functions as well as technology.


The Autowit Fresh 2 includes its different automobile battery charger as well as a mini USB wire, implying that you can connect it in any device that has a USB port, e.g. your computer, power bank, etc. Since its major use remains in the automobile, you will primarily be utilizing it by means of the car’s charger. In addition to the charging alternatives, there’s a cup holder that holds the cleaner, which is tiny as well as super-easy to set up.

Besides being a car air purifier, this tool is an air humidifier too. It utilizes three filters: a nanosilver filter that operates as a pre-filter, the great old HEPA fold filter, and as a last line of defense– a top notch carbon filter to purify the air. The Autowit 2 additionally flaunts 99% removal of airborne particles, consisting of but not restricted to PM2.5 bits, dust, germs, smoke, irritants, and also pet dander.

Its smooth silver layout makes it resemble an ornamental device instead of a common automobile air purifier.

While a lot of car air purifiers have three moduses operandi or less, this device has 4 adjustable modes, which will definitely meet all of your requirements. What’s more, all of them are regulated through a solitary power button.

Over the power button is the switch that regulates the humidifier. When you turn it on originally, it will certainly benefit around 15 mins as well as afterwards, it will certainly go into automatic setting where it will pause for 3 mins, then work for one minute which is a mode of operation designed for ease and performance.

The water tank in the humidifier holds sufficient water for approximately 3 hours of use and after that, it will instantly close down. That’s greater than adequate for the majority of in-car air humidifying demands, as well as the auto-off function will protect against the humidifier from running too long, which may worsen underlying wellness problems.

One more thing along the lines of state-of-the art innovation is that the humidifier is ultrasonic, which means it develops cool vapor making use of a steel plate which vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. Gone are the days when you would certainly need to stress over the humidifier getting too hot.

Its wise air quality sensor indicates the degrees of contamination via color-coded LED system– green for excellent, yellow for acceptable and red for poor.

Regarding noise, the Autowit Fresh 2 is so quiet, while its silent mode makes it unnoticeable. The volumes in each mode of operation range from 35 dB to 66 dB.


If the other tools were doing not have in features, and that was their disadvantage, the Autowit simply has way too many of them. You need to take into consideration the Airthereal or the FRiEQ if you’re looking for a conventional car air purifier with a basic user interface as well as not additional attachments.

Although the humidifier is definitely an extra, a few of you could not truly need it, as it can intensify problems such as asthma or allergies if you stay the environment with moisture at a high level.

The filter can operate in full effectiveness for numerous months prior to requiring replacement. The substitute filters are fairly economical, but they do need to be changed every 3 to 4 months.

The service warranty on this device is only one year which could confirm to be a turn-off for some, thinking about the multitude of attributes on this gadget.

The smoke elimination is also unsatisfactory to that of its peers.

The Point:

Since it has all the features of your standard car air purifier and then some, the Autowit Fresh 2 made our listing as our option for best attributes. With the USB charger port, the humidifier, its four modes of operation, all the modes keeping the noise levels at an instead low degree, we really can not request for more. The technology lovers among you will undoubtedly be pleased.


Our suggestion for the best well-rounded car air purifier is the EraClean Car Air Purifier. It’s simple to use and do not have to maintenance. It’s reliable and has simply the right amount of power for it to boost the air high quality whether you’re at house or on the road.

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