What in the World is the Culture House?


By Claire Prudhomme

The Culture House is an explorative venue for both locals and local artists alike, and is an incredible art piece in and of itself, created with the intention to inspire people who interact with the art that is on both the inside and outside. It is home to a selection of exhibits, events, performances, artist workshops, and is available for private events.

The Culture House was initially the Friendship Baptist Church building made in 1886 and was one of the few buildings after development to revitalize Southwest D.C. This is one of D.C.’s oldest African-American church congregations, which the new owner made sure to reflect the roots on both the interior and exterior. The makeover by the Atlanta based muralist HENSE, calls for locals to come and embrace a desire and appreciation for the local culture.

Due to its pop-art style design, the Culture House is probably something that would pop up on an Instagram feed. When approaching the building, the bright pops of colors and faded gradients of textures seem to collide perfectly on the old church. The bottom floor has a space for local artist exhibits on one side and a small venue space resembling a lounge for live music. 

Upstairs there is a swirling mass of a mural exhibiting a snarling wolf and a twisted flower, visitors can sit in the center of the event space to simply stare and get lost. The Culture House is a place that anyone can enjoy and get lost in the intricacies and beauty of the art itself.

The old church creates an environment that is so eclectically pleasing. The Culture House makes sure it supports its local community with both outreach programs and still making all of its events free with suggested donations. 

In the upcoming months, The Culture House will host the art exhibit entitled Save the Seed, an exhibit inspired as a metaphor for the seed of the black soul. The seed is representative of the nurture and preservation of future generations. Maps Glover’s work is interactive and spiritually driven, his art is meant to be felt by the audience as it is performed and viewed. 

The Culture House also hosts local art events like painting parties to help engage the local community. For Catholic University students looking to brighten up their Instagram feed, participate in local art exhibits, or just to sit in a nice area, the Culture House is the perfect place.

Courtesy of Claire Prudhomme

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