Three New Members Sworn Into SGA


By Catherine O’Grady

Last Monday night, Catholic University’s Student Government Association held its first meeting of the semester. The agenda for the meeting, which lasted 24 minutes, primarily focused on the confirmation and swearing in of the new senate appointments, as well as the future plans for the upcoming semester.

Three senators from the previous semester— Sarah Cangarlu and Bobby Conway from the School of Architecture and Planning, and Elise LaFleur from the Class of 2020— have taken the opportunity to study abroad this semester and are unable to serve as senators. Jimmy Harrington, SGA President, nominated Juliana Fitzsimmons and Mason Reinhart to fill the positions for the School of Architecture and Planning and Joe Colucci for the Class of 2020.

“I believe Julianna and Mason represent the diverse interest in activities of the student body and will be valued members of the student senate in addition to tireless advocates for the School of Architecture,” said Harrington in his recommendation for each of the architecture senatorial candidates.

As for the candidate for the class of 2020, Harrington said, “Joseph’s wide array of  involvement will make him an important voice for the class of 2020.”

The three candidates were confirmed and sworn in without any objections from their fellow senators.

At the open floor portion of the meeting, senators had the opportunity to discuss their plans for the semester. Leigh Calotta, senior nursing major and representative for the school of nursing, has plans to write legislation to make Catholic U tobacco free to promote a healthier environment on campus. If Catholic were to become tobacco free, similar to Loyola University Maryland, it could be eligible for grant money.

“I really want to create some commotion about this,” said Calotta. “I am really shook by the amount of smokers in out age group. It’s a good step for Catholic’s future to attract more students through our campus”

As for the agenda for the rest of the semester, “we’re going to be planning a safety symposium meeting with DPS,” said Weston Kirby, Vice President of SGA. “That would consist of a panel of any DPS officer that want to participate or engage with students. As or legislation we’re just waiting until next meeting.”

The next meeting is to be held Monday February 11.

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