Can you Imagine Not Being From Boston?


By Sarah Harrigan

Since 2001, the professional sport teams from the greater Boston area have come together to win an unparalleled eleven National Championships. Well, twelve after this Sunday. February 3rd is every American’s favorite day of the year- the Superbowl. From the commercials, to the halftime performances, and most importantly the game-time snacks, the Super Bowl emits a feeling of comradery for the American people. This sentiment is no different than those feelings felt in New England, yet Patriot fans are known for their drive, passion and intensity for their beloved team. Seen as underdogs throughout the entire season, Tom Brady and his team shocked fans and opponents as they continued to dominate through their playoff run to get to Atlanta.

The AFC Championship Game was a definite stressor for New England fans, as throughout the fourth quarter touchdowns were traded back and forth between the Patriots and the respective Kansas City Chiefs. As the game continued into overtime, even I found myself shielding my eyes away from the television screen with baited breath as the dominating offense moved closer and closer to the end zone. Yet, us Patriot fans know that this is just Bill Belichick’s cruel way of keeping us entertained, and my faith was held high throughout the final moments of the game. I believe that this Super Bowl will be no different for the Patriots. As we have seen, they have been underrated all season, with key players leaving and others getting injured, it seemed as if Tom Brady may not get his sixth ring.

This team persevered in a way that was unseen to the league and it is only fitting that they finish out their season with the championship title. Some may argue that this truly is the Rams year to win it all, and while they may have been superior within the NFC, their time may run short when stacked up against the Patriots. After the 28-3 comeback against the Atlanta Falcon in the 2016 season Super Bowl, it would be illogical for anyone to count out the Patriots from the title this year. This is a team that lives for the dramatics and thrives on keeping fans, as well as haters, on the edge of their seats.

Many people find reasons to hate on the Patriots. The resounding notes of “Deflategate” still put a bad taste in the mouth of those opposed to our highly regarded team. Yet, what these people fail to recognize is that the league has rejected all these accusations both past and present of cheating by the Patriots. Even under investigation by the highest officials in the league, this team showed perseverance and even went on to have stellar records in the seasons following the scandal. This team has shown perseverance that has not been seen by the LA Rams, by any team in the NFC or even within the National Football League as a whole.

Patriots’ fans welcome any type of hate or criticism against our beloved team, and time and time again, those haters will be proven wrong. You cannot win five Super Bowl rings without upsetting people, as it is not easy being the best. Well, five Superbowl rings for now. See you in Atlanta, LA Rams, and see you on the streets of Boston at the celebratory parade, Pats fans! Bring on the Duckboats!

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