Remembering Dan Midwinter: A Message from Dan’s Disney Friend

Dan and Katie enjoying a day in Washington D.C.

By Katie O’Neil

Dan was the happiest, most positive person I have ever met. I never once saw him down in the dumps. He made you feel better whenever he could and he would always keep your conversation positive. If you were sad, he would talk about something you love. Dan and I met through my best friend, Connor. If you know me at all, you know I love anything Disney. Dan and I shared a love for Disney and Musical Theatre. We talked about one day working for the Disney Company. I would be in Marketing and he would be an Imagineer. He would have been and amazing Imagineer due to his vast creativity and huge heart. We talked about him coming to visit me in Florida and dragging Connor along even though he doesn’t like Disney all that much. We used to say that one day we would make it to the Disney Parks outside the U.S., to Tokyo DisneySea.

Dan will not get to experience these things, and it is not fair. However, I won’t remember him for what he did not get to do. I will remember trying to get to the Newseum on free museum day, soon realizing that was a terrible idea, and ending up at the Botanic Garden, then somehow Cheesecake Factory and Old Navy. I will remember singing countless Broadway hits as loud as we could. I will remember seeing him at every single Redline performance, even off campus. I will cherish those memories. Dan lived every day to the fullest, and not a lot of us can say that for ourselves. He was a supportive and caring friend, and I am forever grateful for the bond we shared.

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