Business Students Enraged Over Fake News Prank


By Emily Prendergast

Students of The Busch School of Business across campus were infuriated when an email from The Compass, a weekly update for business students, reached their inboxes on the morning of September 24. The Compass features information to help students stay updated on the happenings in the Busch School. The newsletter includes important dates and deadlines, advising help, and events that take place on and off Catholic’s campus, that are relevant to student life or the futures of business students.

The most recent edition of The Compass included an intriguing “Persimmon Report” at the bottom of the email which detailed breaking news that the Busch School was set to hire Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s beloved hit series, Fixer Upper to speed along the renovations taking place in Maloney Hall. The report explained that in order to meet the January deadline of the building, Dean Bowman decided to hire a new construction and interior design team.

They’ve named this project “The Chemistry Lab” due to the building’s original purpose on campus, with an all-in budget of $47 million. The dynamic couple has already suggested removing most of the walls between classrooms and office spaces to achieve an open-concept feel,” the report informed the students.

Many people who took the time to read the mass email from the career development department in the Busch School were quick to believe this exciting news. Rumors of the dynamic duo improving the renovations to the building quickly spread across campus like wildfire as students buzzed amongst themselves with enthusiasm and speculations. The report also included an opportunity to be featured in the renovations.

“For students who are interested in volunteering for “demo-day” (demolition day), please contact our Magnolia Construction liaison by the end of the week. So Busch students, are you ready to see your fixer-upper?”

The Persimmon Report is evidently The Compass’ section that includes fake news, meant to entertain students and trick the gullible. This week’s report has stunned many students on campus and shocked those who fell for the news. Did the Busch School take this fun prank too far? A junior  marketing major shares her reaction to the news story.

“I woke up Monday morning and started reading my emails. I quickly browsed through The Compass and ‘Chip and Joanna Gaines’ caught my eye so I read the article and immediately started freaking out,” said Caterina Greco. “I told my roommates and we all signed up for ‘demo day.’ My Monday was going pretty well knowing that I was going to meet the Gaines’, until we found out that the email was fake. Looking back, I’m not sure why I believed it in the first place- I think I just let the excitement take over.  To be honest, I’m still pretty upset that the Gaines aren’t coming to renovate Maloney hall- how else is it going to get done by January?”

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