Paul McCartney’s “Egypt Station”


By Katrina Auza and Daniela Cortes

Paul McCartney is back and better than ever with his new album “Egypt Station”. It’s been five years since McCartney has come out with another solo album and people are excited.  . With a spunky and nostalgic sound, McCartney reminiscences his past friendships, relationships, and drug use . Not only does he talk about his memories, but also touches on the issues of today’s society.

As for concepts, according to, “each song is a different train station stop on the trip that constitutes the full album”  which takes its listeners on the journey that is and was Paul McCartney’s life. This album seems to have a very distinct style compared to his old albums .  Now that Paul McCartney is a solo artist and has lived to see the evolution of music in the 21st century he has started incorporating some of the newer styles. Can you give an example from the album?  His songs incorporate a modern indie pop sound, while still retaining his classic rock style.  Overall the album felt like a personal, memoir offering a glimpse into how McCartney has grown and how it’s influenced his music.   

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