By Tower Staff

Happy beginning of Lent from the Tower staff— and apologies to those of you who had to give up Valentine’s Day sweets for the day’s fast (Exactly how many candy hearts equals one “small meal”? We’ve all wondered.)

It’s so easy to see that Lent has begun on campus at the Catholic University of America. There were about fifteen masses throughout the day, and with every additional class you walked to during the day, you could see more and more students with black crosses on their foreheads.

With this, greetings asking whether your classmate has started the theology paper have been ex- changed for inquiries about what they have chosen to give up for the next 40 days. Catholicism is a communal and collective faith, and talking about Lenten sacrifices is certainly a way to connect with others in our faith.

But in your conversations these next few days, remember that the purpose of Lent is not to com- pete within your friend group for who can become the most pious, or to broadcast your intentions of a Lenten offering to everyone who follows you on social media. Abandon that “it’s all about me” attitude and instead, seek to engage in meaningful conversation about what your friends and family are trying to do better, whether they’re volunteering once a week, reading more, or simply not having snacks in between meals. That’s caring for others. That’s being Catholic.

Aim to learn from others when you talk to others about your Lenten sacrifices. Not only will you be opened to new ideas you haven’t thought of before, but you’ll form a supportive group of people who will root for you during the next month and a half. Plus, there’s definitely someone at your dinner table who remained quiet during one of these conversations at the Pryz, whether it’s because Lent has never been a part of their lives before, or their Lenten sacrifice was smaller in comparison to others’. These are the people you can root for this Lent.

We wish everybody the best in your Lenten journeys, whether you keep up with it, or break and grab a plate piled high with Pryz fries.

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