Artechouse Presents: Parallel Universe


Artechouse patrons enjoy the visual show from comfortable beanbags. Courtesy of Daniela Sol

Artechouse patrons enjoy the visual show from comfortable beanbags. Courtesy of Daniela Sol

By Daniela Sol

In 2017 a new art hub, Artechouse, opened in D.C., bringing a new light to the arts in the city. Currently, the hip and modern art gallery is holding an exhibit called “Parallel Universe” by a new media agency called “Ouchhh,” originally from Turkey.

This creative and innovative media company works with massive light and digital installations, and it collaborated with artists from D.C. to put together an intergalactic treat.

When entering the gallery, it seems as if it is your traditional art expo, yet after further entering the realm of “Parallel Universe”, the gallery changes. The purpose of this exhibit is to create a space of comfort to admire the light show that was created by the artists.

The enormous room, flaunting tall walls and high deep ceilings, is covered with digital lights all over, and the center of the room is adorned by comfy bean bags. The purpose is for the viewer to sit back, relax, and get lost in a world of digital stars, lines, beams, and more.

“Drawing inspiration from science, mathematics and astrology, these enthralling installations explore presentations of nature and the reconstruction of space through new digital media,” explains Artechouse.

The exhibit changed a white space into an experience through the use of light, as geometric shapes took over the walls of the gallery in a black-and-white color scheme mixed with musical movements.

The exhibit consists of three rooms, one room with the main installation and two other rooms that are smaller but follow the same concept.

They all have their distinct characteristics. One of the two small rooms is more of a hallway with a variety of unusual angles, which gives the media displayed a unique perspective following the arithmetic theme of the exhibit. This room is also unique because the light installation covers everything— even the floor! The other small room is a simple square with a reflective ball in the middle with lights pointing to it.

Besides the art installation, “Parallel Universe” holds inside a bar which has a selection of drinks based on each light piece. Each drink served in the bar is inspired by one of the rooms. Also, what makes this particular bar special, is that it is set within the exhibit. It is like drinking in space but cooler, because you have people on bean bags amidst it all!

The installation opened January 18th and will close March 8th. Tickets are sold online through the website or Artechouse. When purchasing the ticket, a time frame is assigned but that is only for entering “Parallel Universe”, once inside the exhibit there is no set time for a person to leave.







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