The Wing, A Women’s Club, is Opening in DC


The Wing, a women's only social club, is coming to DC. Courtesy of

The Wing, a women’s only social club, is coming to DC. Courtesy of

By Daniela Sol

This is a time where women are speaking up and demanding to be treated the way they deserve. This is why it was necessary for New Yorkers to come up with The Wing, a co-working and hangout space designed specifically to fulfill all womanly needs deserved. It is a multi-purpose space created to make the life of women easier and better.

The Wing opened in New York City October 2016 and it has been a success since day one. Why would it not? With its velvet pink couches, golden mirrors, and eclectic light features the space, both online in Instagram and in the city, has women from all over New York City fishing for a way to get a membership.

It’s not just the mixture of mid-century vintage décor plus the modern architecture that has lured women but it’s been the comfort created by a club exclusively dedicated for women that’s made it a favorite.

It was so successful in New York that since 2016 two other locations have opened in the city. And now, it is coming to D.C.; making it the fourth location the company has opened.

It will open in Georgetown sometime in March and it’s the first one to open outside New York. The company has not yet announced where exactly in Georgetown they will be opening. Many people are surprised about The Wing choosing D.C. to be its first location outside New York, yet D.C. is the perfect place to start the expansion nationwide.

The Wing has been very political throughout its short period as a women’s organization. It helped during election season by opening voting booths in its locations, it offered its offices as headquarters to organize the Women’s March in NYC, plus other political involvements.

After New York (or even more than New York?) D.C. is a place where women’s issues are key and always part of the political discussions. It is a city filled with young, vibrant working women who desperately need a space specifically designed for their relaxation.

“As for the list of members, like other markets, the Wing’s DC location promises to attract a who’s who of prominent female residents. For notable politicians or businesswomen who may not be able to regularly utilize such a public space, there are plenty of opportunities for collaborating on events through The Wing’s programming. In the past year alone, The Wing has racked up appearances from Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, and Heidi Heitkamp, activists Ilyse Hogue, Michelle Jawando, and Alyssa Mastromonaco, and journalists Katy Tur, Annie Karni, Kasie Hunt, and Maggie Haberman,” said Hayley Garrison Phillips, a writer for the Washingtonian.

This is clearly a space where intellect and issues that matter to the prosperity of women’s equality will be a priority. As a space very much involved with the political issues surrounding womanhood, The District was a top candidate for their next location.

Get ready to be showered in Chanel #5 while getting a blowout in a club dedicated to soothing your womanly self. And if all goes wrong with the admission, get ready to enjoy a cup of coffee in a space dedicated just for female enjoyment.

Check out The Wing’s Instagram to get a feel of what’s to come.




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