Rag & Bone Creates Collection Inspired by Star Wars

People Modeling the Rag & Bone collection. Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

By: Daniela Sol

The New York based brand Rag & Bone has increased its popularity in the District in the past few years. It has opened two stores in the Georgetown area since its debut on M Street; one exclusively for women and another for men. The high fashion brand, with its clean cuts and elegant designs, has proven the test of time and is making its way in the fashion world.
The brand is mostly known for its jeans, but has expanded to become a brand with everything from wallets to hoodies and leather jackets. Rag & Bone’s ideology is to use the best materials to create timeless pieces that promise comfort and elegance to whoever wears it. As a brand, it has proven every season that it can and has become a favorite luxury fashion brand.
This fall, designer Marcus Wainwright designed a collection in collaboration with Disney to celebrate the launch of the new Star Wars movie coming this December. For a high-end fashion brand, it is a risky task to design a collaboration with a company like Disney. Yet Wainwright has passed the test with flying colors with his new designs and, as a major Star Wars fan, has created iconic pieces.
The collection still has the clean-cut design so emblematic of Rag & Bone but with the galactic edge from Star Wars, making it a treat for those who love the brand and fashion. The collection consists of pieces named after Star Wars characters and iconic names from the trilogy. Favorites include the “Ellis Force” boots offered in two colors, Rebellion and Empire. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you can guess the Rebellion is a design including whites, grays and light browns while the Empire has blacks and reds. There’s a collection of sweaters and hoodies which include the “Hope” wool sweater or the “Obi-Wan” hoodie. The “Hope” sweater comes in Galactic (black) and Moon (beige). There’s also the “Stormtrooper Sweatshirt” with a simple lunar graphic design.
It also includes several graphic t-shirts with Star Wars mantras all over them; the most emblematic one is a white t shirt with bold black print saying: “MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.” There’s also the “X-wing” t-shirt in black with the Rebel Alliance Starfighter imprinted in the camisole. The brand has also designed a collection of leather goods with their own unique leather called “Skywalker”, which is shiny and galactic and simply amazing. Mixed with bulky black zippers and orange leather, the items seem to have come from another planet.
In the press release, Wainwright said, “Our approach was really to re-imagine some of our favorite Rag & Bone pieces while taking influence from some of our most memorable moments of past and present Star Wars films. We wanted the pieces to feel like something that referenced Star Wars but that also fitted the Rag & Bone aesthetic—like a modern Jedi.”
The collection will be sold in all Rag & Bone stores starting December 1st including both stores on M Street. It’s always a nerve-wracking and tense experience for fans when modern companies decide to re-invent their favorite classics, but this collection does encapsulate the Jedi and Stormtrooper vibes and maintains the brand’s aesthetic present. Check out Rag & Bone’s promo video for their new collaboration on the brand’s website.


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